The Most Authentic Shawarma In Town

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The founders of Yalla hail directly from Beirut โ€“ the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine. They craft each individual Shawarma with a carefully supervised process to ensure a consistently perfect flavour. They attribute the secret to their success to a family recipe, passed down from one generation to the next, perfected over the years, with its indigenous integrity still intact. Their process for constructing the Shawarma allocates just as much time to preparing its components, as it does to cooking them. To learn more about Karachi’s infamous shawarma, keep reading!

The First Bite

They start with premium meat which they marinate in a careful blend of traditional spices. Part of their highly complex taste palette is the citrus they add to the marination process; these notes result from this native Lebanese practice. The zest softens the meat, the bitterness from the rind grounds the taste, and the sweet juice provides the perfect contrast to the dry spices. All of this comes together to form the very first bite of their shawarma.

The bread in a Yalla shawarma is thin in texture so that it does not overwhelm the taste palette. In true Lebanese tradition, the bread allows the fillings to be the real stars. Roasted on high heat, each filet is compressed into a thin layer of fat that brings out all the carefully curated meaty flavours before melting in the mouth. This is followed by the Toum sauce (a garlic-powered mayo which, unlike other brands, is made using only egg whites to maintain a fluffy texture while balancing its impact on the taste buds) forms the foundation of our Shawarma’s flavor. The only other sauce added is the green shatta (Middle Eastern chili sauce) for the spicy variant of our Shawarmas.ย 

Yalla believes in the mantra of “less is more” in terms of a Shawarma sauce. That is exactly why they don’t overwhelm you with too many sauces, nor do they put misplaced condiments like ketchup and chili sauce in their Shawarmas.ย The entire process results in a symphony of flavours, which make Yalla the OG in the sea of Shawarmas!

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