How To Keep Track Of Your Eating Habits While Fasting

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Ah, Ramazan – a time for gratitude, charity, prayer and of course, food. Is an iftar really complete without samosas, pakoras or jalebis? As much as we love consuming these foods though, we have to admit: it is definitely not healthy and can lead to us adopting bad habits that get taken forward even after Ramazan. However, fear not, we are here to provide you with suggestions on how to enjoy this month, while still keeping track of your eating and health. PS – we have saved the easiest trick for last! 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hydration is always important, but especially during Ramazan. Lack of water can lead to headaches, fatigue and much more. Thirst can also be confused with hunger often times after opening your fast. Our advice would be to have two glasses of water at iftar and then one glass of water every hour till you’re awake before sehri, and then try to have another two glasses at Sehri. If you’re someone that is simply unable to drink that much water in a short span of time, opt for having hydrating foods such as watermelons, apples and cucumbers. 

Eat A Balanced Meal

Even if you do reach for fried things during iftar, don’t make that your full meal. No one is saying you can’t have the pakoras you crave all day, but try to put only one fried item on your plate and balance it with a healthy side such as a salad. The salad will help fill you up, while the fried item you choose to eat can satisfy your craving. Eating whole grains during iftaar will also help keep you satiated, as well as eating nutrient foods such as dates. 

Opt For Healthier Ingredients

We refuse to not eat fried foods during Ramazan as it’s part of the charm, but there are certain steps that can be taken to make it relatively healthier to consume. Our personal favourite trick is to use Soya Supreme Olive Cooking Oil as it has real Olive Oil blended with Soybean & Canola Oil instead of Olive extracts like other oils in the market. Not only this but it is absorbed less in food and hence is consumed less as well. This instantly makes it a better and healthier choice to fry food with! If there is one thing you choose to do during this month to reduce your calorie intake, make sure it’s this. 

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