Ask Mr. X: “I’m a girl who’s in love with her former university professor…should I tell him?”

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Ever wanted advice on your relationship from that cool guy friend who has all the answers? Well, Mr. X is that friend for you. Every other week, he’s going to answer the questions you send him and if there’s one thing you can count on him for, it’s being honest. So go ahead, ask Mr. X. 

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“I’m a girl who’s in love with her former university professor. He’s just a year older than me and is a gentleman. He also seemed interested in me, but neither of us made a move. Now it’s been 2 months since my graduation and I’m still in love with him. Should I tell him that I love him? I fear rejection, but I feel as though I should tell him. I never gave him a clue that I liked him though – I was a disciplined and obedient student who never expressed any such feelings, but now I regret it.”

Mr X’s Response:

Yes, I definitely believe you should convey your sentiments to your ex-professor. Otherwise, ex-prof will only think of you as that ‘disciplined and obedient student’ from one of his classes and nothing more unless you…

Easy there. I will suggest your approach to conveying your sentiments be a tad measured; meaning you shouldn’t go all in. Given that you fear rejection and that you’re initiating this, we wouldn’t want you to create a scenario where you’ve made yourself super vulnerable. Tell the ex-prof you like him not love him and see how he reacts. If he reacts positively and isn’t straight-up saying no because he is married, engaged or dating someone, then ask him out (its 2021!) and see whether you actually like him as a person or if it was simply an infatuation.

One of my favourite quotes in life is by Seneca (the Roman philosopher who championed Stoicism) and is especially pertinent to your love conundrum  – “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”.

Best of luck and Godspeed,


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