The Best Foods To Eat When You Are Menstruating

An unavoidable experience for us women is our painful, unfriendly monthly visitor. Cramps, fatigue, mood swings – we know it all too well. Luckily, there are foods we can eat to curb those feelings and manage our period a little better. To provide us with reputable information, we reached out to nutritionist Nazish Chagla to tell us what foods are the best to eat while on your period, and why.  Keep scrolling to read!


Nazish says that fruits are a good substitute for refined sugar, and are a better option for when those sugar cravings hit. She recommends eating a variety of them, but explains that apples are very beneficial as they can help maintain your iron levels and prevent constipation, which often makes PMS worse.

Leafy Green Vegetables

According to the expert, leafy greens are high in fiber and can help in detoxing your body, making them a fantastic food to eat while on your period. Nazish suggests eating them cooked rather than raw, as they will be easier to digest and absorb.


Ginger, Nazish explains, is a super anti-inflammatory food. It can be a great digestive aid. She highly recommends this, saying that sipping on ginger tea during your period can be a godsend. 

Fresh Yoghurt

As long as it’s fresh, yoghurt is packed with probiotics. Hence, Nazish elaborates, it can keep your gut healthy, which also keeps your period healthy.

Dark Chocolate

Nazish says that quality is everything in terms of dark chocolate. If it is good quality, dark chocolate can be a great source of magnesium. However, she specifies to opt for those with less sugar. 


Seeds are beneficial to eat while on your period as they are also high fiber foods, says the expert. Because of this property, your digestion will be improved. 


Nazish suggests beets as they are a rich source of iron and fiber. Through the iron, they can provide some energy, plus detoxify your body.

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