Unexpected Ways Your Body Changes In Your 20’s

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As you continue to grow, your body is bound to change. The 20’s are thought to be a defining period in life during which a lot of this change takes place. We spoke to seven women in their early 30’s to tell us about the changes they personally felt in their bodies during their 20’s, and then had Dr Sadia, OB-GYN and owner of South City Hospital, give us her scientific explanation behind it: 

Weight Gain

Five women have expressed that it has been much more challenging to lose weight as compared to their 20’s. They also feel that not only is it easier to put on weight, but it is also harder to lose it, claiming that no amount of exercise or healthy dieting is bringing their figure back. Dr Sadia explains that as you grow, your hormones kick off better (such as estrogen, testosterone) and there may be a slight change in your weight. Further, if you’re on a contraceptive pill, it is likely for you to gain weight.However, Dr Sadia says that your lifestyle (energy, activeness, eating habits) is the primary factor in determining your weight changes. She elaborates that your metabolism levels will alter themselves to fit the lifestyle you live. If you are very active, your metabolism is able to work harder. But, if you have a sedentary lifestyle your metabolism levels will fall to adapt to it and therefore you may gain weight. Also, genetic predisposition has a role to play in weight changes.

Regularised Menstrual Cycle

While in their 20’s women tend to experience some fluctuations in their menstrual cycle, three of the women we consulted said that their periods became much more regular. They expressed how as time passed, their cycles started to actually follow a routine schedule, “almost like clockwork!” Dr Sadia explains that when you start menstruating, you don’t have such regular cycles because you’re not ovulating properly. So, your menstrual cycle is bound to become more regular, especially between your 20’s and 30’s. Your fertility and period regularity is at its peak.

Skin Issues

Women have described all sorts of changes in their skin throughout their 20’s. They have come to the consensus that their skin condition is a rollercoaster – sometimes it is clear and glowy, and other times there are massive breakouts, and it looks tired and dull. One woman said that she is noticing more wrinkles with age. According to the doctor, your hormones are heavily involved in what happens to your skin. She says that generally in your 20’s, a woman’s hormones are yielding their best results, so naturally as you grow, you will need to do more to take care of your skin yourself.

Changes In Energy Levels

As they progressed into their 20’s, three women have said that they had been losing energy. One said it was “much harder to pull all nighters,” and all three claim their energy levels have reduced. Once again, Dr Sadia stresses the importance of healthy bodily habits. If your lifestyle supports a lot of exercise, you are not as likely to experience a fall in energy levels.

Body Pains

Hand in hand with the reduced energy levels, two women have said that as they grew up they became more prone to back pains and other body pains. Body pains are normal, the doctor explains, and are natural phenomena that come and go. However, she clarifies that pain is a subjective feeling which is why some people may not feel the same pains.

Hormonal Sensitivities

Three of the women we consulted expressed how they have felt very rocky with their hormones. One of them described how around the time of her period, her emotions got extremely intensified. Another one complained of mood swings, stress and sleep disturbance. According to Dr Sadia, your 20’s are where your hormones are usually showing the best results in your body, so naturally as you age, they can act out. 

Post Pregnancy Body

One woman, who had previously given birth, said that she felt weight gain post pregnancy. The doctor says that after delivery, you do tend to put on a little weight especially if you are breastfeeding. But, it is hard to pinpoint certain changes during pregnancy because it is different for everyone. She emphasises that the first 6 weeks after pregnancy are when your body is trying to get back to normal, so it may be going through adjustments.

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