Word Of Mash: What Are Some Foods That Help With Constipation?

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With Ramadan comes many things – praying, long nights, quality time with family and friends, and lots and lots of food. But for some people, fasting also means constipation because of a lack of fibre and water intake. If you’re currently going through this problem, scroll down to read through certain foods our followers recommend to relieve and avoid it:


‘Water, water and more water!’ – @emaanahmaddd

‘Lots of water’ – @henzing9

‘Drink plenty of water and eat green veggies’ – @swaleha_s

‘Drink warm water after 1 hour of iftaar. It averts you from feeling bloated’ – @klfarha.khan82

‘Drink water more’ – @just_a_calligraphy


‘Physillium husk in warm milk’ – @pun.mayhur

‘Warm milk helps’ – @dilawaiz_

‘Butter in warm milk. Sounds gross, but worth it!’ – @habhsn9

‘Warm glass of milk at night’  – @fatimahyasin_

‘Add half a teaspoon of desi ghee in a glass of milk and drink it’ – @samihaamer15

‘Mix one tablespoon of castor oil in a warm glass of milk and drink it’ – @mohaddessekhan


‘Drink coffee – it works right away’ – @theimankhan

‘Black coffee’ – @habhsn9

‘Have chai’ – @2021.fatima.t


‘Eat a pear before bed!’ – @3saba

‘With fruit!’ – @sarasabir61

‘Eating bananas’ – @areeba_khursheed12

‘Watermelon’ – @fariihaa.m

‘Eat some papaya’ – @ayesha.bilalahmed


‘Ispaghol’ – @stethsnglamour

‘Ispaghol with yogurt’ – @raahemasiddiqui

‘Ispaghol chilka with hot water or tea’ – @__this_is_life_8

‘Have ispaghol in water before going to bed’ – @sanawasay


‘Overnight soaked chia seeds’ – @not_my_circuss

‘A little bit of ajwain’ – @barehaha_kk

‘Flax seed in banana smoothie at sehri’ – @ambreenwithain

‘Chia seeds’ – @rameenzaibdurrani

‘Grind flaxseed and take one tablespoon daily with salad/shake/chaat/lunch.

Other Things

‘Prune juice’ – @shaharliaquat

‘The cereal wheatabix’ – @hasanhx01

‘Figs’ -@mahaskhan

‘Lilac syrup’ – @izzieeadi

‘Green chillies and cucumbers!’ – @nooray.h

General Tips

‘Avoid maida and have warm beverages over cold’ – @not_my_circuss

‘Avoid rice, red meats and fried food!’ – @safainwonderland

‘Drink more fluids + have more greens as they are rich in fibre and stimulate the intestines.’ – @sameenansarii

‘Avoid atta and bread’ – @zibacollectionx

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