Word Of Mash: How To Grow Your Hair

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Who doesn’t want luscious, long hair? People have many different secrets to their beautiful locks, but our wonderful followers decided to share some of their own. If you’ve struggled to grow your hair pass a certain length, scroll on down and read some of their tried and tested tips. Good luck!

Hair Masks

‘Egg yolk, mayonnaise and yogurt’ – @nahed790

‘Yogurt and eggs’ – @noor_khalique

‘Mix coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E capsules together and leave for 2-3 hours!’ – @amannn_33

‘Mix yogurt with honey and add some green tea’ – @i.atikaalley

‘Soak methi seeds overnight in water, grind them next day and apply the paste on your hair. Wash after 30 minutes’ – @kajalkadam

‘Take fresh aloe vera gel, grind it and add 1tsp of mustard oil.’ – @sugar_genius_zaina


‘I use aloevera and coconut oil mixed. It really helps, plus it has no bad effects to worry about.’ – @princess_fz_19

‘Mix coconut and castor oil and apply it once a week’ – @shajeearizwan_

‘Equal parts fresh aloe vera and olive oil. Apply for an hour or so – thank me later!’ – @zoya_bughio

‘No totka – only use sarson ka tail once a week before washing’ – @zirwanmussawar

‘Castor oil! It works like a charm’ – @zobiaiftikhar

‘Chickpeas oil + pumpkin seed oil thrice a week, 2 hours before taking a shower and you’ll see results within 15 days!’ – @zaini_naeem

‘Almond oil works wonders!’ – @iqrajunaid_

‘Half part castor oil, 1/4 part almond oil and 1/4 part olive oil. Works wonders! Apply religiously.’ – @marya.zahid

Onion Juice

‘Onion water and onion oil’ – @mekary8

‘Onion juice works wonders. Grind, apply the juice and after one hour, shampoo it. Add vitamin E capsules if you like too!’ – @sabkhantastic

‘Use onion water’ – @rumaisssa

‘Onion juice + a little bit of water on the roots’ – @toobaiqbalaswani

‘Use onion water once a week! It’s really amazing’ – @shearbano_hussain

Hair Care

‘Regular trims! 3-6m to get rid of dead hair/split ends’ – @kainatpervaiz

‘Proper trimming of rough hair can make your hair grow faster than usual’ – @shahwar_aftab

‘Comb backward to forward 100 times a day and massage forward to backward’ – @rozano_

‘Don’t use too cold or too hot water to wash your hair.’ – @mehdia_abbaxi13

‘Stop using heat and keep hair in a bun or braid’ – @mahinnbilal

‘Massage your scalp with your finger tips. No need of mixing a dozen oils’ – @beingbatool


‘Vitamins’ – @mahahahahax

‘Eat eggs! I’ve literally seen visual differences in my hair health to when I was eating eggs.’ – @zoya_bughio

‘Take multivitamins (serbex z) on regular basis’ – @amina_abdul_majid

‘Iron + protein rich food’ – @urooj_shahzad5

‘Good healthy diet. You are what you eat’ – @qadrikousain

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