7 Things We Learnt About Meditation From Tehmina Mansoor

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Being in the current stressful state that the world is in, we all could use some tips on how to unwind and relax our body and mind. Our expert of the week, Tehmina Mansoor, is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher who also has a diploma in chakra and aura healing from the UK. Alongside this, she even holds a diploma in reki level one and is the best person to answer all your questions relating to meditation and mindfulness. Scroll down to read everything we learnt in our ask the expert session with her this week!

Meditation Can Help With Anxiety

Mindful meditation is said to help ease one’s feeling of restlessness, stress and anxiety. It helps put you in touch with those feelings and stay in them without suppressing or enabling them; this can often help one explore the underlying cause of their stress. According to Tehmina it can help change the way you react to difficult feelings. ‘It breaks the chain of negative thinking, gives us clarity of mind and it generally gives us a sense of peace and calm.’

Practicing Mindfulness In Day To Day Life Is Simple

It may seem difficult to be mindful in your everyday life, but with time, it can become simple. Our expert encourages us to try doing it during the most mundane of tasks and engaging the senses. Ask yourself: what can I see as I am brushing my teeth? What can I smell? What can I taste? What can I hear? What does it feel like to hold the brush in my hand?Tehmina says ‘this exercise helps you tap into the present and it’s wonderful for training your concentration span and focus.’

There Is No ‘Best Time’ To Meditate

The time you choose to meditate depends on what time works for you – there is no right or wrong time. Our expert says, ‘You have to decide the time for yourself. Just see what works best for your routine. I personally love meditating at night when my kids are asleep and I know there won’t be any distractions.’

The Don’ts For Meditation

Meditation is obviously a personal process – there are no set rules for when to do it or how to do it. But that being said, there are some things you should keep in mind in order to do it in the most effective way. The first thing Tehmina says to be wary of is to not meditate in a space that has too much disturbance or distraction – this can often be counter-productive. Similarly, one shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Place a cushion behind your back if needed and don’t be stressed about copying pictures of postures you see online. ‘ You have to listen to your body and see what it finds comfort in.’

Chakras Are Energy Centres In Your Body

The term charkras is often used in meditation, but what exactly is it? Tehmina breaks it down for us. She says they are energy centres in our body and are aligned along our spine, all the way up to our crown or top of the head. These points radiate energy to all parts of our body and help us regulate body processes such as organ functions, immune system and emotions. ‘Chakras can be either under-active or overactive in our body- which means either we have less energy or more energy. These imbalances also manifest in our body, for example a person having excessive fatigue is a sign of an under-active chakra. A person with a dominating personality is a sign of an overactive chakra.’

Aura Healing Involves Healing The ‘Energy Field’ Around You

An aura is an energy field surrounding a person or an object and aura healing involves soothing the aura. Tehmina says, ‘It can be felt and even seen by the trained eye. We know through scientific research that our body constantly conducts electromagnetic energy and it is believed that we can work with this flow of energy to encourage healing. For example we often talk about vibes. If you find yourself around an angry person, you will want to move away from them.’

Chakras And Auras Can Be Healed In Numerous Ways

You can do several things to heal the chakras and aura within you. Some of the things Tehmina suggests are yoga postures, deep breathing, meditation, sunlight exposure, soaking in salt water, burning sage and getting them balanced by spiritual teachers or chakra healers.

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