Word Of Mash: How To Stop Biting Your Nails

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It’s not easy to stop biting nails – trust us, we know! But if 2020 has taught us something, it’s that hand hygiene is of extreme importance. Biting nails, skipping on the 20 second hand wash rule and touching the face and eyes are no longer things we should be mindlessly doing. But getting yourself to stop biting your nails is easier said than done – that’s why we asked our followers all their best tips on how to stop doing it. Scroll down to read their suggestions: 

Nail Polish

‘Putting nail polish made me stop’ – @maryamnaeem
‘Wear nail polish’ – @roshan_razwan
‘Try our a medical nail polish’ – @show_bizpk
‘Putting on nail polish and doing a manicure helps me because then I’ve spent too much time and effort on them’ – @hadiaa.xn

Chewing Gum

‘Chewing gum so that your mouth is busy’ – @munhq.s
‘Bitter nail paint, chewing gum and diverting your mind through extra activities ’ – @simranjeswani_
‘Try chewing gum – it helps with the stress and nerves’ – @farheensayss


‘Just rub a garlic clove on them! It will help a lot’ – @nisha_ilyas25
‘Put some garlic on nails’ – @fatimaa_usama
‘Rub some garlic on your nails every morning’ – @_simzz_
‘Rub garlic on your nails. The smell will never go and even if you bite your nails, you’ll end up tasting it’ – @jojo_ki_biwi

Other Tips

‘Rub red chilli powder on the tip of your nails. This is what my mom did with me to get me to stop biting my nails’ – @ayesha_15_i
‘Acknowledge patterns in your nail biting and actively try to recognise and put an end to them’ – @mahnoorrazaa
‘Use artifical nails’ – @sayginlik_
‘Tape the fingers!’ – @nm_saleem
‘I applied vinegar on my nails and whenever I would take my nails in my mouth, it would taste terrible’ – @adinaadnan13
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