The Riskiest Places To Visit During Covid-19

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The ease in COVID-19 restrictions has led many people to believe that they are not vulnerable anymore to the pandemic, but while many places have flattened the curve, the influence of the virus is far from over. Certain places put you more at risk and require you to be extra cautious, scroll down to find out a list of the riskiest places to visit during COVID-19:

Mosques, Churches And Indoor Theatres

These places are at high risk as visitors tend to congregate closely in indoor spaces and are likely to come in contact with a carrier. Moreover, these gatherings are unlikely to follow proper social distancing guidelines, increasing the risk of virus contraction. 


As we are approaching the wedding season, an increase in cases is bound to be recorded. Weddings are the social hub of Pakistan and the word ‘distancing’ does not apply for most of them. Indoor weddings are especially dangerous as they include crowds of people – most likely without masks – in tight spaces. 


According to researchers, COVID-19 can be contracted by handling frequently touched surfaces and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes. This proves to be especially risky in gyms, where the same equipment has been used by many people, and has been exposed to one’s sweat. While exercising, many people abandon the use of masks which further increases the risk of coronavirus contraction. 


Restaurants are built for the purpose of eating and socializing and hence, the spread of droplets is inevitable. When you eat or drink at a restaurant, you’re more likely to be indoors and less likely to wear a mask, increasing the spread of infections. 


Given the lengthy time spent in close contact with others in security lines and airport terminals with frequently touched surfaces, the risk of contracting the virus at airports is extremely high. It’s also an area where individuals from various countries go through and some of these countries might be more at risk than others.

Schools And Workplaces

The risk is particularly high in schools and workplaces where there is poor ventilation, lack of social distancing and a large amount of frequently touched surfaces. These places encourage the congregation of crowds in tight, indoor spaces.


Although hospitals may be considered the hive of coronavirus infections, they are much safer than the places on this list due to the strict implementation of SOPs. Nevertheless, they are one of the riskiest places to visit during this pandemic. 

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