Word Of Mash: How To Take Care Of Your New Piercings

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Just got a new piercing and want to know how to care for it? Well, our followers have always got our backs. Scroll down to read their suggestions on how to care for your new piercings:

Clean Them 

‘Antiseptic or cleansing sprays every now and then’ – @zahraahyder

‘Clean them twice a day with an antiseptic and apply an ointment for at least 10 days’ – @aimenopqrst

‘I have 6 and my recent one gave me trouble – repeatedly clean with pyodine’ – @emanakbar19

‘Clean with alcohol swabs’ – @wanillla

‘Clean properly with saline water’ – @nooran_bajwa

‘I use alcohol to sanitise them. Every 3 days I take my nose piercing out and clean it with alcohol’ – @farheensayss

Moisturise And Massage 

‘Massage with olive oil’ – @samreenmehboobi

‘I keep applying vaseline to keep it soft, and if it’s done in summers then icing sometimes.’ – @zoyaali_15

‘Rubbing mustard oil’ – @noreensarfraz5

‘Mustard oil mixed with turmeric’ – @asifabaloch6

‘Use olive oil for a gentle massage twice a day’ – @thecommonersinsight

‘Tea Tree oil helps it to heal faster and prevent infection and irritation’ – @mekary8

Don’t Wear Artificial Jewellery 

‘Only wear gold earrings for a few months as artificial jewellery will cause infection’ – @mominapasha

‘Wear gold or silver as it reduces bacteria’ – @ayenoor_

‘Wear gold/gold plated jewellery’ – @gratuitous

‘Clean your hands before touching the pierced area’ – @mekary8

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