Is Mouthwash Really Harmless?

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Mouthwashes are either used excessively, or not at all. But do you really know all the facts about them? Keep scrolling to read dentist Rabia Samad’s article on mouthwashes and whether they are really our friend:

1. Link Between Excessive Use And Mouth Cancer

Researches have shown a strong correlation between the use of alcohol based mouthwashes and mouth cancer. Using it for more than 2 times daily can have potentially harmful effects on your health. However, this is mostly due to the alcohol concentration present within the mouthwash. If used in moderation or according to the guidance provided, it should be okay. But to be safe, switch to an alcohol free mouthwash!

2. Can Potentially Cause Diabetes

Cancer isn’t the only dangerous implication in this case. Research also shows that 55% of diabetic patients have experienced dangerous spikes in sugar levels with increased usage of mouthwashes. 

3. Read The Ingredients Label

Some mouthwashes might contain harmful chemicals like Chlorhexidine, Sodium lauryl sulfate (detergent!) and alcohol. These are linked with increased staining, irritation, dryness, mouth ulcers and root sensitivity.

4. The Good Bacteria Is Killed Along With The Bad

Mouthwashes use a mechanism of action that is aimed at killing bacteria in your oral cavity. Remember – not all bacteria is bad. For example, some bacteria in your body help regulate insulin sensitivity. That’s why there needs to be a healthy amount of good bacteria present in your mouth. However, mouthwashes aren’t able to differentiate the good bacteria from the bad which can impede the normal functioning of your body, while also increasing mouth dryness. Reduction in both, useful bacteria and saliva leads to increased caries, gingivitis and bad breath .In addition to all that, it can also encourage fungal growth in your mouth!

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