Word Of Mash: The Best Tips To Tame Your Curls

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Figuring out how to style your hair, especially when you’re in a rush in the morning, is quite the struggle. But it’s even hard with a head full of curls and no idea what to do! We’ve all had those days where you’ve had no choice but to just tie your hair up and pray to god no one judges you. But then we had an idea – why not turn to you? So we did and you have made our lives easier with a bunch of tips and tricks that will help manage curly hair. Let the curly hair journey begin!

Use The Right Products

In general, using chemical laden products isn’t a good idea. But curly hair is especially sensitive so using the right products is essential! There are also a number of products specifically catered to curly hair that are worth trying out.

“Use sulphate free + paraben free products and infuse protein into your haircare routine.” @_thefatmann

“After regular shampoo, I use DevaCurl condition and then Ouidad moisturising gel.” @anzahnadeem

“I use oBotanico products, combing while conditioning hair and hair scrunch with cream or gel.” @samistic30

“Suave Essentials has a wide variety of OG approved conditioners!” @itsxamm

“Umberto Giannini products are great!” @ismakhanbcba

“Recently got my hands on Annie Curli Curl Cream. Loving the results!” @maheerahkhan

Keep Them Hydrated

Dry hair can still somehow look shiny after a blow dry but curly hair doesn’t have that advantage. The last thing you want is dry, listless curls so keeping them hydrated is crucial! It’ll keep your hair feeling healthy and fresh too. Even curl goddess, Annie Khalid, swears by it!

“Moisturise and regularly trim your hair!” @anniecurli

“Deep condition and oiling – that helps!” @cocojournals

“Grapeseed oil, overnight masks, protein masks.” @xlclmtx

“Keep them hydrated and moisturised. Curls will be bouncy and alive!” @akamr075

The Curly Girl Method

The curly girl method is essentially a list of guidelines to follow if you want the healthiest, most gorgeous curls ever. It includes getting rid of all products that contain sulphate and silicone, drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt and using a conditioner instead of shampoo.

“The curly girl method!” @lifeofaconfusedindividual

“I follow the curly girl method.” @rabia_bukharii

“I threw out all shampoos that contain sulphates and started following the curly girl method!” @pareshaniaa

Invest In Serums

Good quality serums can aid you in achieving the curls of your dreams. They help make your hair more manageable, get rid of frizz and often contain properties to add shine and smoothness to your tresses. If you want to stay all natural, try making some DIY serums with products from your kitchen!

“I use coconut oil after the shower. It really helps maintain the curls!” @nooriipatoorii

“Post shower argan oil!” @hinna_97

“I apply anti-frizz serums and they turn from messy curls to healthy. Plus Vitamin E helps a lot.” @safak_asi

“Hair serums so that hair stays in control.” @ghania_ali

Bun It Up

When in doubt, just put it up in a bun! Many of you recommend it as it stays out of your face and you get gorgeous curls when you take your hair down.

“Bun. Done.” @ladyofkn

“By simply making a bun.” @zainabbsaboorr

“I tie them in a bun for some time after washing them. They are easy to manage then.” @ushma_naveed

“Brush them while washing and let them dry, then tie them in a bun.” @flarebysarah

Avoid Heat

Heat is bad for hair – this isn’t news. But it’s especially bad for curls! A lot of heat and chemicals can alter the internal protein structure of your hair, which causes frizz, makes your hair prone to breakage, dries it out and changes the curl patter. For optimal curls, stay away from heat!

“I just comb them again and again. Don’t use a straightener!” @samanzar190

“I let them air dry and use a cotton shirt. Serums help manage them too!” @musfirah_khamisani

“Air dry them for softer curls.” @farzakhurram

“Please avoid heat and chemical treatments!” @faizakhan_23

A Brush Is Your Enemy

Contrary to popular belief, brushing curly hair is a big no-no! It will take out all your curls and leave you with a big, poofy mess! Instead, comb them while washing and while they’re still wet, and then use your fingers to detangle if needed!

“I don’t brush them when they are dry.” @hajramateen39

“Only brush them after a shower!” @ishmal_khyzer

“Do not brush your hair!” @styledbynk

“Use a wooden comb gently and leave them to dry naturally.” @laibabanno

Give Them Love

At the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel. If you love your curls and embrace them for their natural beauty, they will look phenomenal! That’s a promise.

“Just love your hair and stop trying to straighten it!” @_thefatmann

“I let them be because I love the way they are naturally!” @bushraijaz57

“I love my curls!” @love_ahad_and_sajal

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