5 Misconceptions About Working Women The World Needs To Stop Believing

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It’s safe to say that modern women today are a force to be reckoned with in the business world. Be it science, technology or entrepreneurship, women are proving their mettle whichever field they’re in. But despite their success, they’re still subjected to several old stereotypes and misconceptions, which often hinder their growth and hold them back, especially in male-dominated fields. For years we’ve been defined by these myths, but not anymore! It’s time we reject all the misconceptions created by patriarchal minds. Read on as we debunk the most common myths about women in workplaces.

1. Women Are Ruled by Their Emotions

Whether an employee or employer, women aren’t considered fit for leadership roles, as many people still believe they are too emotional. Apparently, this affects their ability to make logical and necessary decisions. But research actually says the opposite! In a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review (HBR), it was found that women are better overall leaders than their male counterparts. Time more some more woman CEO’s please!

2. Women With Kids Can’t Focus On Work

The average retirement age around the world is above 60. But thanks to some age-old stereotypes, many women are pressured to bid adieu to their careers once they have kids. Some even right after marriage! It’s assumed that once woman has children, her focus in life diverts and she isn’t able to balance her personal and professional life. But research actually suggests that mothers are more productive at the workplace than women without children. Maybe it’s time we balanced household responsibilities instead of discouraging women from working!

3. Women Lack Confidence

Confidence is essential for anyone in a leadership position, but not everyone has that trait, irrespective of gender. But women specifically aren’t timid. In fact, when starting out at a new workplace, men and women both have similar levels of ambition and career aspirations. However, a woman’s confidence is challenged time and again and they are made to feel less capable. Many women encounter sexist and discouraging obstacles, such as the wage gap, harassment and a lack of access to opportunities, which their male counterparts don’t.

4. Women Executives Sabotage Other Women

Cat fights, jealousy and gossiping about other women — these are common stereotypes associated with working women. It’s believed that women in leadership positions don’t let other women get ahead. But is that really the case? A study conducted for HBR proved that women actually support each other to advance at workplaces. Even in 2019 we have to prove that women don’t tear women down. If they did, causes such as the #MeToo Movement and ‘Time’s Up’ wouldn’t have become as popular and powerful as they are today.

5. Women Aren’t Risk-Takers

No business can run successfully without taking some occasional, strategic risks. But it’s widely believed that women can’t make tough decisions and avoid risky situations. But this is just a myth, like everything else. Women take just as many risks as men; the difference is of the type of risks they take. Unlike men, women take more strategic risks that pay off, reducing the number of needless risks.

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