5 Design Rules To Keep In Mind When Decorating Your Home

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Decorating your home can be the most exciting yet exhausting thing to do. But it’s all worth it if the results are great. While it’s fun to experiment and use your designing skills when it comes to decorating your house, there are a few things you should never ignore in the process.  So if you’re planning on giving your place a new look, scroll through these five rules before you start. Interior designers around the world swear by them!

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1. Always Go For Things You Love

Never, ever purchase a piece just because it’s trendy or someone said so. You may love something that may seem out-dated, but it doesn’t matter as long as you really like it. An investment made on something you love is always a good investment. After all, you have to live in your house so it might as well be surrounded by things you love!

2. Remember The Rule Of Three

Interior designers have followed the rule of three for years. It’s a design concept where odd-numbered groupings are visually more attractive than even numbers. You can place three or five different coloured cushions on the couch in your living room, which will make the couch striking. Or hang three bold paintings on a wall, but two is too less and four is too many. Using the rule of three’s will help your strike a balance around your house.

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3. Buy A Rug Sensibly

Different types of rugs are always trending – be it wool rugs, leather rugs or faux fur rugs – and they can brighten up any room. But they’re also pretty expensive so it’s better to buy them after a lot of careful deliberation. While purchasing a rug you should be sure of the size you want, keeping your space in mind. You also need to be mindful of which room you’ll use that rug in, what furniture will be on it or around it and what the aesthetic of that room will be!

4. Be Careful About Hanging Artwork

We all love to decorate our rooms with beautiful paintings and posters but do we all know the correct way to hang them? We’re guessing a lot of us don’t. Not all frames can be hung at the same level; it depends on its art and how heavy the frames are. Some look good hung at a higher level while other look best hung on eye-level. We suggest choosing one focal point in your room as the décor wall, where you’ll hang most of your artwork. Lay out all your frames on the floor before you hang them up so you can play around with the order before you hit the nail on the wall!

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5. Never Forget To Measure

Don’t ever forget to take measurements! That’s the cardinal rule of interior design. Before you go shopping for a new couch or a shelf, don’t forget to measure your room space accurately. Furniture that’s too small or too big for your room can make it appear cluttered or unattractive. Make sure you have your measuring tape with you at all times and measure distances at equal points on both ends for accuracy!

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