10 Countries Every Girl Should Travel To Solo

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I travel to take a break from the monotonous routine of life, to explore new places and to meet new people. Over the years, travel has changed me – it’s helped me push boundaries and get out of my comfort zone. It’s taught me to be patient and tolerant towards people, circumstances and life in general. So far, I’ve traveled to 38 countries on my own on my Pakistani passport. Ahead you’ll find my recommendations for the 10 best countries for solo travelers. Come follow my journey!

1. Iceland

Iceland is pure heaven for solo travelers who love to explore nature. It has caves, geothermal spas, waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers and is one of the safest countries to travel to on your own. Iceland is full of culture and lively people. The capital, Reykjavik, is a great place to stay and plan day trips to all the natural beauty this country is surrounded with. Be sure to visit the Blue Lagoon, the Pingvellir National Park and the magnificent the Northern Lights. It’s perhaps the only country on my list, however, that isn’t too easy on the pocket.

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2. Netherlands

Amsterdam charms solo travelers with its stunning canals, gorgeous bridges, famous museums and spectacular architecture. For first-time solo travelers, Amsterdam is a great place to feel independent, cycle around and explore the city’s picturesque landscape. The city has a great vibe and the countryside is especially beautiful during the tulip festival. So whether you want to dive into their history, party it up or explore at your own pace, this city has something to offer every solo traveler.

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3. Indonesia

Bali is one of the safest places to travel to alone for women and guess what? It’s super affordable as well! Bali has an amazing backpacking culture for youngsters. You can also relax on the picturesque beaches and visit the gorgeous temples. If you’re traveling solo, you will always find great people to meet and hang out with in this tropical heaven. If that isn’t what solo travel is all about, I don’t know what is!

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4. Malta

Very few people, especially from Pakistan, travel to Malta, but it’s an underrated haven for solo travellers, especially women. With its cobbled streets, quaint architecture and stunning blue waters, you’ll be left in awe. Maltese people are very friendly and almost everyone speaks English, making it easier for first-time solo travellers to explore the country. This small island can be covered in a week and is ideal for budget travellers.

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5. Portugal

Right by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this country is a combination of scenic landscapes and beautiful beaches – with some amazing waves for surfing. Portugal is full of rich history and culture, and the local cuisine is delectable. The town of Sintra in the Lisbon region is no less than a wonderland, with gorgeous yellow trams. The best part is, it’s really affordable too!

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6. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the cheapest places you can go to and one of my personal favorites. The activities are limitless: from boat rides to cruises, lantern festivals to historical tours and the emerald waters of Halong Bay. The street food is delectable and the people are extremely welcoming. It’s a must-visit destination for solo travelers!

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7. Morocco

Morocco’s reputation isn’t the best but my experience was still amazing. The language barrier can be a challenge and it’s a crowded destination, but it’s a country I loved exploring. The people are hospitable, the food is delicious and the places are unique. Camping in the Sahara Desert, amidst the dramatic landscape is a sight one cannot miss!

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8. Jordan

Jordan’s key highlight is Petra – a magical ancient city and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Pictures cannot do justice to this magnificent place and walking through the ruins will take your breath away. Planning a trip to Jordan is quite easy – you’ll find more tourists than Jordanians. If you decide to go, you must visit Wadi Rum, Aqaba and The Dead Sea.

9. Spain

Spain is quite diverse with its interesting museums, gorgeous architecture, delicious food and stunning beaches, like Socorro Beach. You’ll find Gaudi’s beautiful work all around. Barcelona has an upbeat vibe but what I really fell in love with, was the south of Spain. Bonus: Spain has some amazing, cheap shopping outlets!

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10. Greece

Greece will always be on the list for all solo travelers because not only is it affordable but the country is gorgeous. It has something for everyone, whether you like history, experiencing a new culture, relaxing at the beach or partying. As a solo traveler, wandering around Athens, interacting with people and enjoying the white-sand beaches are key on a trip to Greece.

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