7 Hairstyles That’ll Stay In Place Through The Toughest Gym Days

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If you’re still not taking your gym look seriously, then you aren’t living in 2019. Celebrities all around the world have been sporting stylish athleisure wear for a while now, but these looks aren’t complete without a cool but practical hairstyle. A neat hairdo is more important than you think to give it your best during a gruesome workout. If you’re not sure where to start, browse through these chic hairstyles that’ll take the style quotient up a notch and guarantee that your performance stays optimal on your next workout!

1. High Ponytail

A high ponytail is undoubtedly the OG of gym hairstyles. If you want to channel your inner Gigi Hadid while lifting heavy dumbbells – a high ponytail should be your go-to hairdo.

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2. Rope Braid

A more elaborate version of our all-time favourite ponytail, the rope braid is anything but boring. Have a date right after your cardio class? Try this style and we promise, there won’t be a hair out of place.

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3. High Top Knot

Long, thick hair can be a nuisance during an exhausting workout session (the only one occasion, we know). But all you need to do is twist up your ponytail, high into a circular topknot and you’ll be ready to hit the treadmill.

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4. Hidden Braid

Add a playful touch to your regular topknot by working in a surprise braid. This will not only make you look like the most stylish girl in your gym class, but this style will also keep the baby hair on your neck in place.

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5. Bandana Headband

When in doubt add a cool accessory to amp up your gym look. A colourful headband is the perfect addition to your not-so-neat hairdo. Along with adding a pop of colour to your gym gear, it will also keep all your flyaway’s at bay. A total win-win!

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6. Braided Pigtails

What’s better than a ponytail? Neatly braided pigtails. Braided low pigtails are ideal for workouts that require you to lay your head on the ground. Try it at your next Pilates class – you can thank us later!

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7. Plaited Bun

On days when you can’t decide between a fuss-free bun and a pretty plait – go for a plaited bun (or as we like to call it a pun – pun not intended). Though this style takes a few extra minutes, we think it’s definitely worth all the compliments you’ll get at the gym.

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