Word Of Mash: The Healthiest Sehri As Told By You

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As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, so does the struggle to nail the perfect pre-dawn meal: sehri. Despite years of practice, it always takes some trial and error to get back into the groove of things. Moreover, the advice that works for some people definitely doesn’t for others. People made of sturdier stuff manage to get by on just a handful of dates and water, while others create their own power smoothies bursting with nutrition. There’s also the stray uncle or two that swears by a desi ghee paratha as his sehri meal. The last one isn’t a habit we’d entertain or encourage – unless you want to experience your stomach growling later in the day! They say ‘your mornings set the tone for the day,’ so you have to make sure you do your sehri right. Indulging in a healthy, full sehri nourishes, hydrates, and strengthens the body, enabling it to cope with the upcoming fast. We asked you what your ideal breakfast was – here are your responses!

It’s important to have a balanced diet to fuel yourself effectively throughout the day!

You need complex carbs. Something that breaks down slowly throughout the day so it keeps you energized, granola, whole grain foods help here. You also need proteins, so eggs are a good option. As is yogurt, which helps with water retention. Avoid anything too sugary because that will break down really fast. Water is also important, you need to stay hydrated throughout the day, and yogurt and bananas need help with that. -@nusairteli

Call me crazy butttttttttttt paratha dahi and chai! a girl’s gotta fuel up for the day bruh – @ufaqashfaque

Start with plain water. Whole wheat multigrain bread or whole wheat paratha in olive oil with eggs or any gravy one likes but in olive oil. Anything done in olive oil gives you no heartburns or indigestion. Cup of yogurt with fruits of choice. Tea is the essential thing to have in the end that although has no nutritional value but it’s the most essential component of Sehri to satisfy the craving for whole day! – @mariamjavaidshah

A healthy serving of yogurt, granola and lots of water – @ibrahimnadeem_

While some prefer to place the emphasis on a protein heavy meal

I mostly stick to a protein heavy sehri, with a lot of eggs and any leftover gravy with some roti. -@mubarakbhai

Nihari is my favorite way to start the day! It has the perfect amount of protein, carbs and fat to keep you full. If not nihari, I prefer having eggs and toast. -@raheel786

Boiled eggs, a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea will keep you fuller for longer m though out the day will burn more calories metabolizing the proteins you had, in turn reducing the weight or at least keeping it constant or at least keeping it constant and not letting you put on more but only if you don’t eat the whole dasterkhwan at iftaar! that’s an issue – @einna.26

Others prefer to keep it light with fruit

Honestly I sleep through sehri half the time, but an easy way to fuel yourself throughout the day without feeling  too full at sehri is by making a smoothie with frozen fruits and some form of dairy, It keeps you hydrated without weighing you down. – @maheenkazim

I have a glass of milkshake, which always has bananas and yogurt in it, because it keeps you full. Then I have a few dates, and a bunch of water and I’m good to go for the day – @almassheikh

Dairy will definitely keep you hydrated

Personally, I don’t have milk but I would recommend it. My mom always told that it keeps you hydrated throughout the day, so whether you have a heavy sehri or not, milk should be a part of it – @samrasal

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