How The Magic Of Mint Can Transform Your Skin In 5 Ways

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Aromatic and soothing – mint is a magical plant that can be used for everything from ice cream and green tea, to aromatics and skincare. It de-bloats, comforts, soothes our nerves, and clears up our skin. If that’s not a miracle ingredient, we don’t know what is. The best part? You can buy it by the bunch at any grocery store – it’s a steal. You can’t convince us we need expensive bottles of night creams and serums when we have natural, antioxidant packed ingredients right in our kitchens!  If you feel like your skins been needing a little something extra lately, read below to see how you can use this healing herb in your day to day skincare routine.

1. Tones Skin

Did you know mint also acts as a mild astringent? This property of mint helps tone your skin. It thoroughly removes dirt from your pores — the root cause of breakouts — and leaves your skin smoother, cleaner, and more hydrated.

How To Use: Boil a bunch of mint leaves in water. When ready, strain the leaves from the water and let them cool. Apply the water as a toner onto your face.

2. Brightens Skin

Summer calls for sunburns and dull skin. To keep your skin fresh and bright throughout this season, keep a constant stock of mint in your pantry. Thanks to its extremely soothing effects on the skin, mint refreshes the skin, which in turn also brightens your skin up and gives you a glow.

How To Use: Grind mint leaves, cucumber, and honey into a paste. Apply the paste onto your skin and leave it for 25 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water, and follow it up with your favourite moisturiser.

3. Reduces Blackheads

Girls that live with blackheads don’t garner enough sympathy – it isn’t easy! And when pore strips and exfoliants don’t work the way they’ve been advertised, what are we to do except resign ourselves to a blemished fate? Get back to basics with mint. It has the ability to unclog and tighten up your pores, and also helps remove stubborn blackheads. Best of all, it also works as a prevention method for future reoccurrences.

How To Use: Mix mint leaves with oats, honey, and milk in a small bowl. Scrub your face with the mixture for 2 – 3 minutes and wash it off with warm water. 

4. Lightens Acne Scars

If treatment resistant acne wasn’t annoying enough, the scars pimples leave behind are even worse. Luckily, you can can rely on mint leaves to finally break through the break outs. They contain salicylic acid which helps in cell turnover. This loosens dead skin cells, and ensures that new, healthier cells replace them very fast. This is essential for scarring, as the healing process is sped up. As a result, the acne scars fade, and you’re left with clear skin. Sounds like a good bargain to us!

How To Use: Crush a bunch of mint leaves and mix them with rose water. Apply this paste onto the affected areas, and leave it on overnight. Do this twice a week and you’ll begin to see changes within two weeks. 

5. Helps Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Dark circles can be genetic, but sometimes they’re also the result of dehydration, lack of sleep, or extreme, sustained exposure to the sun. Getting rid of them completely isn’t that easy, but you can reduce their appearance. Mint leaves are packed with antioxidants which heal the fragile skin under your eyes by increasing blood flow to the area. This fades away the dark circles over time.

How To Use: Crush some mint leaves and make a paste by mixing it with cucumber water. Apply this over your under eye area and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Repeat this procedure thrice a week for better, quicker visible results.

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