Word Of Mash: What’s Your One Hack To Get Through Small Talk?

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Let’s paint you a picture of our worst nightmare: we’ finally will ourselves to dress up and go out with an old friend, because we’ve flaked on them one too many times. We don’t just walk straight out the door though – the night requires intense prior prepping. There’s the necessary afternoon nap on the day of, in order to ensure our social battery is charged to the max for when we need to leave. The playlist blaring while we get ready is a carefully curated mix of 90’s hits and the current top ten on the charts. There’s a quick shot of espresso waiting in the kitchen to be chugged. It’s a five step plan to channel our more extroverted alter ego, the one that makes rare appearances from time to time. Here’s where the nightmare part of this painting kicks in. Despite our hours of mental preparation, we go out and find ourselves struggling – no, completely failing, to make any kind of small talk whatsoever! We wish it was a switch we could turn on, but it isn’t.

It’s the scariest part of having to socialise. We know you’re supposed to ask about the weather, their kids, their health, job, or school – but somehow it just never flows. And it never feels natural. Small talk is the bane of our existence. How do you manage? Do you have any personal tried and tested hacks for getting through a social evening of small talk unscathed? Is there a go to tag question you have, standard joke, or standard anecdote that always works? We need your help! Let us know in the comments below.

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