Word Of Mash: The One Label Or Stereotype That People Use To Define You As A Woman

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On International Women’s Day, we asked you what that one label or stereotype is that people most often use to describe you as a woman. Stemming from the concept of gender roles, society has outlined a set of ideas about how they expect women to behave – but more often that not, most women do not fit into the set mould. 

Tasbih and Hafsa from Esfir Jewels, with their #GirlsWillBe campaign, sought to challenge these very notions. In their video, they reclaim the conversation: they replace the words with the much truer, much more positive words that define their muses better.

When asked, you delivered. Here are some of the words people have used to downplay your achievements, or make you feel small. We challenge you to embrace these stereotypes, and celebrate your differences. 

While some of labels associated with women centred around their physical appearances, with its fair share of fat shaming and skinny shaming:


Patli sookhi kanta – @safamohiuddin

So skinny. Your future husband will not love you – @ayemanahmad

Ugly cz overweight – @nehaakamani

Unladylike – @nitashaafzal

Moti – @mariamumtazzz

Farigh. Skinny – @rabyahanif_makeup


Most centered around characteristics we typically associate with traditional gender roles:


Modern – @msscatterbrains

“Har bat ka jawaab he iske paas” – @khizraabid

Out – @rabiazulfikar

Kamzor – @aeshahh._08

Incapable – @rose.ah.lee

Nakhrali – @_art_my_passion

Weak. – @wajihaakhalid

Dramatic – @faiza.ahmed20

Selfish for standing up for myself, Stubborn for not listening to anyone else when it comes to my career – @ikra.munir

Emotional – @musingsofmomo

Way too emotional – @maa_hum

Vocal (- for them: + for me) – @safiajafferali

Bossy – @mohadessekhan

Outspoken – @mahamfatima26

Docile – @farwa9110

Oversensitive. Emotional. – @manodedano

Straightforward, extrovert – @rafia23_

Besharam – @alinaraza6

Possessive – @shijabza

“Selfish” “Modern” – @safainwonderland

Overconfident – @oyemeenay_

Ms know-it-all – @oyemeenay_


Some even shared a more deeper glance at the kinds of phrases and they’re used to receiving on a daily basis, which in turn, go on to chip away at their self confidence:


I was told that I was “a girl and too young” to design a house for a prospective client while standing at one of my complete projects. The irony! – @ayesha.bils

“Arey tum woh feminist types ho. Lol” – @fatimazehra96

Aurato wali baatein mat karo!!! – @tahiramish

Aurton ko khamosh reh kr guzara karna parta hai – @paresali.shah

Jitna marzi parhlo rotiya he banani hai – @sanataseer

Jitni marzi parhlo laikin baad me choola choka laazmi karna hai… not a word but still irritating – @sameen_shafiq09

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There’s no denying it – these kinds of gender stereotypes not only distort our views of ourselves, but our fellow women. Buying into this kind of self image paints a bleak picture for our self image, both personally, and professionally. This is why we call on you to brush off any unwarranted remarks that come your way. Use the words used to tear you down to build yourself back up. While across the world, feminist movements rise in the face of injustice, the start ending prejudice and disadvantage starts with yourself.

Watch the full video from Esfir Jewel’s women’s day campaign above.

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