Word Of Mash: What’s One Label Or Stereotype That People Use To Define You As A Woman?

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Being a woman and being powerful cannot be separated from each other – think about it. We’re a group of people that are undermined and underestimated at every turn, constantly fighting against societal expectations and discrimination. We have to work that much harder at school, spread ourselves thin balancing responsibilities at home, and manage multiple roles at the same time: daughter, wife, mother, professional, friend, and person. Despite this, society is still quick to dismiss us with a single word. Woman CEO’s that mean serious business? They’re referred to by a very different word that starts with a B than business. A successful woman fashion designer? She might be dismissed as silly, and her work not given the credit it deserves. Models, fitness coaches, or girls that are studying for their masters – they’ve all experienced being dismissed as ‘pretty’ and their work as ‘cute.’

Despite our ambitions, dedication, and constant burdens, we persevere as women and do it while looking good. But society still strips us down to one offensive word every now and then. In spite of your accomplishments, have you ever been made to feel small as a woman? What’s the one negative word that people associate with you at first glance?

Two girl bosses, Tasbih and Hafsa of Esfir Jewels, know what it’s like to not be taken seriously. This Womens Day, they made a video with successful, wildly different, and incredibly cool girls. Their campaign, #GirlsWillBe, featuring girls like Amafah Mubashir – a certified yogi, the hilarious comedian Faiza Saleem, and others, see them toss aside words that people stereotype them with. These are the words they have struggled to overcome. In the video, they reclaim the conversation: they replace the words with the much truer, much more positive words that define them better. What about you? We know this is something every girl faces, in every field. What’s that one word that has been used against you, and what would you change it with? We want you to reclaim your own labels too! Sound off in the comments below.

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