How Beauty Icons Would Look If They Fit Modern Beauty Standards

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The way we use social media doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon, and the toxic habits we had in 2018 are being carried right into 2019 — the biggest one? comparing ourselves to others. Seeing countless actors and models on Instagram looking perfect from every angle can affect even the most content mind. What we forget is that these people have giant teams to do their makeup and hair, personal trainers, and the magic of photoshop. The desire to look perfect at all times is an unrealistic one, but with cheap apps like Facetune, it’s a problem we’ve all fallen deep into. It’s time we remember we’re perfect just the way we are. No amount of editing, makeup, or even plastic surgery will be able to make us love ourselves. Beauty standards aren’t set by some deity. Making ourselves crazy trying to fit them is a recipe for disaster and disappointment. Imagine if your idols wanted to change themselves the same way you do, according to what people expected them to look like. We put together a series to show just that by editing pictures of our idols to mirror what beauty standards today look like. It’s a pretty jarring sight!

Scroll through to see how some yesteryear beauty queens would look in 2019:

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