Karachi Eat 2019: 11 Stalls You’ll Definitely Find Us At

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Karachi Eat is more than just a festival — it unites every kind of citizen in this crazy city, from DHA to Nazimabad, with the one thing we all have in common: an inextinguishable passion for food. It’s almost as if the delicious fumes which hover over the arena-sized festival lure everyone in like the pied piper. The only setback? Waiting in line for hours once you get there! Whether you want to try the newest fusion recipe or an unheard of dessert, nothing kills a (wo)mans appetite like having to wait in line for 45 minutes, sandwiched between other grumbling bellies. It’s time to lay the law of the land. Which stalls have got us the most excited? Which food is actually going to live up to the hype? Only time will tell. Till then, we’re laying out a list of mouth-watering goodies that Mashion staffers have their eyes on. The next step is actually trying them — watch this space for our followup!


It’s never too cold outside for a scoop (or two, or three) of some fresh gelato. Saydyz, marking their territory at stall 52, is a young brand that’s founded on the concept of natural recipes given down to the owner from her nani, so we’re expecting some authentic flavours. We’ve got out eye on their snickers gelato, and you should too.

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/Saydyz/videos/2103072293296713/?hc_ref=ARRb9lvDaZRHnJvpduyb_whe9uc_r2c2sIKWPCU7zrc434J9QXdj8PhcsIXrMo2Gurc&__xts__`{`0`}`=68.ARCWIEQExtbOTxGuPEml1rsFDhMjVszEHj41NeY9OdyUyXwIF0B7WEIhjSiahlobOOdrDolu_h6lOIsZtK062fabAILW_YC9k6Jj8BNANJXRrdHnb7U9RTUo98jtaRlm5v2g8zdpod6iov1XHwHiilgTFvxjaOVX5EsJyVndEp5xoZRrZ7_UyF-wHfGT3ecwdiUtUrcVDN72Zd9rMvKy8FLy0BhPqQVFN1gTyY85CAA6j3zOILdnX1fy5KvOU4Y4HmZVpnC6CfcihnhM1xMtXLhEtxkFDFUw2ziUjdpbSts8pZ7FWIeCASDDCQ36m5VlNVIiD8QJbyEynPAEptERvQqtIzj2zLop3PoBXhgsTJZUGi5LqWsGtL6dV1BETFFLQlTnqLsvhUUNBa_wr9mHl1Oqum_DGp5hhtgdFEVlcEPknXhPxuxLcwFBpjFWz9u_GTioe00VRebaXnQDnr1UeWOHVeEkFv4xx6hBlVefoo-UVAuUN5-w&__tn__=FC-R”]

Sweet Greens

Their red chilli taco is calling our name! Don’t let the colour hold you back — it promises to pack a punch. The Mexican food scene in Karachi is seriously lacking. We’re cautiously optimistic this taco might just live up to the hype and set a new standard though. Catch them at stall 55!

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/sweetgreenspk/posts/1930833867225553″]

Peshawar Chapli Hut

Chapli kebabs are supposed to be eaten fresh and hot as God intended, and that’s exactly what Peshawar Chapli Hut promises to do. Their premium quality kebabs are gearing up to be a show stopper at Khi Eat this year.

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/karachieat/photos/a.232554770258800/1118037175043884/?type=3&theater”]


Dessert VS Savoury has been a lifelong debate, but Pantry’s bringing us the best of both worlds with their spiced chicken and pancakes. It sounds strange, but this is coming from the same festival that made donut burgers famous last year — our call is to not knock it till you try it. What if it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/karachieat/photos/a.213642825483328/1116952485152353/?type=3&theater”]

Burger Bros

The flamin’ chick magnet slider is definitely pulling the Mashion girls closer towards it – it just looks that good. It’s essentially fried chicken coated in flaming hot Cheetos, with jalapeño cheese! Need we say more?

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/karachieat/photos/a.213642825483328/1116946248486310/?type=3&theater”]

Le Saint Honoré Pâtisserie

Some of us like getting down and dirty with our guilty pleasures, while others prefer to keep it classy. It can’t get classier than Le Saint Honoré at Khi Eat. These gastronomic creations take the cake (literally) and we can’t wait to put them up on our Instagram story – they’re too pretty to not. Now it’s just a matter of taste testing them!

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/lshpatisserie/photos/a.1767566573461894/2252380124980534/?type=3&theater”]


Calling all Harry Potter fans: this is your moment to shine. Sol is selling butterbeer at their stall! We feel just as nostalgic as you do – our dreams of finally going to Hogsmeade and getting to down a pitcher of the magical stuff is finally coming true. If that wasn’t good enough, they’re also selling Korean fried chicken!

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/solfoodpk/photos/a.374146880018992/378116882955325/?type=3&theater”][twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/solfoodpk/photos/a.368665607233786/375908409842839/?type=3&theater”]


This stall is putting together the kind of fusion food that we would never have even been able to think of, but now can’t get out of our heads. We have two words for you. Dorito Chaat. This is it – this is why we’re really headed to Karachi Eat. What are your thoughts about the odd combo?


This eatery fell off the radar a little during these last couple years, but if there was ever a comeback worth having, it’s the one they’ve set up at stall A8 this year! Hobnob is bringing us cronuts – a cross between a croissant and a donut. You get all the flakey, buttery layers of a croissant, but also the delicious doughiness of the donut. The lines for this item abroad are miles long, and we’re sure the ones here won’t be any different. You’ll want to show up early for this one!

The Social Hub

Gappay shots are the ideal material for the perfect boomerang! It’s essentially a fresh take on an old classic, but we’re excited nonetheless.

[twl_embed link=”https://www.facebook.com/karachieat/photos/a.232554770258800/1114260995421502/?type=3&theater”]

No Lies Fries

You can find us at stall 37, digging into a huge bowl of their fried chicken poutine! These aren’t just regular fries — they’re coated with gravy, artisanal cheese curds, and fried chicken. It’s basically the ultimate comfort food.

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