5 Mistakes You Could Be Making While Tweezing

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Threading your eyebrows every once in a while keeps them neat, but not all of us have the time to make frequent visits to the salon. This is when options like tweezing present themselves! You might even prefer tweezing. It’s a bit less painful and way more convenient, but what we don’t realise is we still make lots of mistakes which could end up ruining, instead of shaping, your brows. If you’re Team Tweezing, scroll down to find out what mistakes you might have been making all this time:

1. Using Old Tweezers

If your tweezers aren’t properly gripping your hair follicles, then it’s time to throw them away — it means they’ve become blunt.  Using old tweezers can be harmful to your skin too since it causes bacteria and redness around your brow area. They should be changed every six months on average.

2. Over-Plucking The Two Points

Nobody likes to flaunt a unibrow — but a huge gap between your brows is also not a pretty sight. Your eyebrows should be in line with the bridge of your nose.

3. Tweezing Before Showering

Taking a warm shower after tweezing can ruin your perfectly tweezed brows! The heat loosens up your hair follicles. It is always better to do it post-shower.

4. Plucking Too Often

Plucking shouldn’t be done too often. It is recommended to only tweeze once every three weeks. Your hair should be given enough time to grow back.

5. Not Soothing The Irritation

Tweezing can cause redness and irritation around your eyebrows, which shouldn’t be ignored at all. Apply petroleum jelly on the affected area to ease the pain and tame any stray brows.  

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