5 Surprising Beauty Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Learning something new (especially about something you use everyday) is super exciting! Or is that just us? If you think you know everything about cosmetics and beauty then think again, because these five lesser-known beauty facts are definitely shocking to say the least. Keep reading to see if you really are the beauty genius you think you are!

The Left Side Of The Face Is More Attractive Than The Right Side

If you regularly pose with the right side of your face then you might want to reconsider, because scientifically speaking, the left side of the face is actually prettier. In a study published in Psychology Today, college students were asked to rate the attractiveness of ten female and ten male faces. The results showed that the majority of students voted for the pictures in which the left side of people’s faces was seen.

Popular Cosmetic Brand Maybelline Was Named After A Girl Called Mable

Ever wondered where your favourite cosmetic brand Maybelline got its’ catchy name? It was actually named after the sister of Tom Lyle Williams, the founder of Maybelline. His sister Mable used to apply a mixture of petroleum jelly and coal dust to make her lashes look thicker and darker.

Kitchen Ingredients Have Been Being Used For Beauty Treatments Since The Middle Ages

Using kitchen ingredients for beauty purposes is not a new concept – in fact it can be dated back to the Middle Ages. At the time, people used to treat acne with curdled milk, removed freckles with cucumber juice, and had several other kitchen remedies to treat various skin conditions.

Lipstick Was An Essential Item In World War II

Lipstick held quite the importance during World War II. Female nurses in the war always wore red lipstick to remind themselves that they were ladies first, and members of the military second. They also believed that it might have a calming effect on the male soldiers.

Egyptians Used Perfumes For Cosmetic And Medical Purposes

Perfumes are now widely used for beauty purposes, but formerly were used to cure ailments. The Egyptian civilization used a very popular perfume of that time called Kyphi – made using flowers, honey, wine and berries – as a drink to cure lung, intestinal, and liver problems.

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