4 Ways To Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet For Winter

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There’s something about transitioning seasons that make us want a clean slate more than ever – be it in the form of a new wardrobe, makeup bag, or skincare routine. It feels like the right time to turn over a new leaf. As the air gets crisp, we’re showing you how to clean your cabinet and get everything into tidy, precise order. Gear up for the fall skincare exorcism! Dramatic but also very effective! Keep reading!

Start With A Cleaning Spree

Begin your decluttering process. All the expired and unnecessary products are only taking up space in your cabinet so chuck them all out and create space for the useful stuff. The best way to jumpstart is to dramatically rip everything you’ve been using out of your medicine cabinet and set it aside in a box. After the coast is clear, wipe down every inch of your cabinet!

Restock According To Your Skin’s Needs

Now that you’re out with the pointless, it’s time to refuel your product line up. Transitioning weather means you should probably keep your skincare routine as straightforward as possible. This means a trustworthy cleanser and moisturiser for your skin type – not the one that your bestie loves. This is about your skin! Ideally, it’s best to stick to these two essentials for at least the first month of weather changes – keeping all other products out of sight and out of mind. Only bringing them back when your skin and the weather have both settled down.

The Organisers That’ll Keep You Coming Back

This is the fun stuff. These are things that’ll make you want to open your medicine cabinet, again and again, just to look at the aesthetic. And you don’t even need to spend a ton of cash – just get creative instead. For example, small glass jars are great to keep cotton products cosy. Eggcups are excellent for everything else because they fit well on a shelf. Old candle containers (cleaned, washed and resurrected) make great brush holders. And for the finishing touches, grab a lighter and burn a candle for a soothing moment. If you’re looking for more ideas, a session on Pinterest is great for organizational inspiration!

Additional Things That Need To Be In Your Medical Cabinet

It only makes sense you make some space for medical devices and medicine in your medicine cabinet. And while every girl knows the cabinet is precious space for all your go-to skincare products, it doesn’t hurt to leave a little space for the medicine that may come in handy. These are the essentials:

  1. Thermometer
  2. Painkillers
  3. Allergy Treatment
  4. First Aid Kit
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