Yellow Eyeliner Is Taking Over The Beauty World – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

If you’re an avid Instagram user you already know that yellow is having a big moment in beauty this season. The bright hue has always been a summer favourite, and while it was already being incorporated in every fashionista’s OOTD, it’s currently taken over the beauty world. Not too long ago, bright and sunny eyeshadows were making waves and now yellow eyeliner has caught every beauty buff’s attention. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the deets on this new trend!

Who Started The Trend?

The look was first spotted on teen star Amandla Stenberg, who effortlessly rocked this tricky trend at the CFDA Awards. Her subtle and natural looking make-up complemented this bright liner and since then many beauty influencers have tried their hand at sporting the sunny eyeliner.

How To Rock It?

Unlike the mindboggling craze of sunset eyes created using yellow eyeshadows, this trend can be pulled off in a very minimal way. The colour is bright and vibrant, so there’s no need to go overboard with the rest of your makeup. Keep rest of your makeup simple, using subtle colours. To keep the eyes the focus, opt for a soft nude-pink lipstick and light peach blush, just for a warm flush. The yellow eyeliner will do its job of giving your face a burst of colour and quirk.

Who Can Pull It Off?

The colour may seem pretty restrictive for people with darker complexions, but trust us, this is a trend anyone can wear, regardless of skin tone. You can either wear add a bright, neon yellow liner on top of a black liner or use a yellow liner as a standalone eye look. To go for a subtle approach, you can even add a pop of yellow in the lower waterline of your eye. Honestly, just have fun with it – you can’t go wrong!

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