Word Of Mash: Which Products Do You Need When Traveling?

 Traveling is, by far, the number one activity for summer. Exploring new places and cultures, indulging in the delectable local cuisines and – most importantly – the shopping sprees! But you know what sucks about traveling? Packing. It’s the most tedious, boring and frustrating aspect of traveling. Just thinking about it is giving us anxiety. How are we supposed to fit all our fashion and beauty essentials in one bag! Not to be dramatic – okay, a little dramatic – but figuring out how to pack our eye shadow palettes, face serums, hair straightener and shampoo/condition bottles can cause actual fights and anxiety.

In all honesty, it all boils down to compromise. Your vacation is a time to relax, unwind and enjoy – not stress about the perfect beauty look. All you should need are your absolute essentials – but how to choose? That’s where we need you! Sound off in the comments and tell us which products are an absolute MUST in your travel toiletry bag. Is it shampoo? Moisturizer? Sunscreen? Let us know!

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