Word Of Mash: Which Beauty Items Have You Blown Your Budget On?

The market is ripe with reviews for expensive makeup palettes, must have foundations, oils made of everything from avocado to primrose, and toners with rare ingredients that promise to clear up our skin – and lives with just one spray. If only it was so easy! The taglines that come with these products promise to fulfil our every need, which is what justifies the huge price tags that they hide. Unfortunately, more often than not, the satisfaction we get from splurging on these goods begins and ends at the check out counter. After that, all we’re left with are our regrets and maxed out debit cards. We’ve got to bulldoze through the chatter once and for all: what’s actually worth blowing our budget on, and what should we skip?

We want to hear from you! What was the last big-ticket beauty item you splurged on only to regret it instantly? What was wrong with it? And what can we do to avoid making the same mistakes? Sound off in the comments below!

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