Word Of Mash: What’s The Healthiest Sehri To Have?

An ill thought out sehri is a literal recipe for disaster. Sugar loaded cereals and carb heavy breakfasts are the easiest to grab in a drowsy, sleep fuelled moment at sehri, but the last thing they’re going to do is keep you full. On the contrary, here are all the things a breakfast like that guarantee: hiked blood sugar that will crash, low blood pressure, low energy, no nutrition, and feelings of weakness. That’s no way to power through a month of fasting. It won’t even get you through a week.

The modern woman has work to get done, people to meet, and responsibilities to fulfil. That requires a breakfast – no, a sehri of champions. We just want the facts. What’s the healthiest, most balanced sehri a girl can eat? How effective is yoghurt at keeping you full? As usual, we come to you for your advice. Sound off in the comments below!

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