Word Of Mash: What’s The Best Kind Of Face Mask?

It’s the final showdown, the battle of the best, the final frontier – call it whatever you want to. We’ve had enough of experimenting. We dabble in everything: sheet masks, peel-off masks, cream-based masks, and homemade ones too. We’re running out of room on our vanity to store all of them, and we’re not even sure which ones are really worth keeping. Some face masks are good for single use on self-care days when we’re not feeling too good. Other face masks are major investments, and are dutifully used to reverse the harrowing signs of ageing; to keep us looking like the equivalent of Greek goddesses.

In times of need like this, we look to our Mashion readers for answers! Which type of face mask do you swear by? Do peel-off masks remove your dead skin, or irritate whatever remains? Are cream-based masks too gentle? And are homemade masks really the best out of them all? Sound off in the comments below, and tell us which kind you’ve tried, tested, and kept. Even better, give us the homemade masks you swear by, or the brands that have stood the test of time for you!

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