Word Of Mash: What Emotional Abuse Means According To Our Readers

A phrase we hear thrown about often, emotional abuse, is perhaps the hardest form of abuse to recognise. Emotional abuse is an attempt to control, in just the same way that physical abuse is an attempt to control another person. It can take many forms, like overt signs of aggression or subtle digs at someone’s character, but it all contributes to chipping away at ones self esteem. In the end, the victims feels trapped, unable to express themselves, and is constantly walking on eggshells around the people that they should be able to trust the most. Sometimes we don’t recognise the signs of emotional abuse right away, and are more likely to suppress how we really feel. This is why we asked our readers to contribute what emotional abuse means to them, so those in need can learn to spot it right away, and seek the help they need. 


Unnecessary degradation for “fun”. – @fareeha___

Forcing someone else’s perspective and thoughts by erasing or stopping ones own – @smilesallzaway

Comparisons and taunts – @ghinazeef

When they know their attention is your weakness so they constantly ignore – @iamnxx

When a loved one forces you to do something – @wajiha232003

Was told I’m a fat ass by every single person im my family, and that no one likes fat people – @khadijaimran_

“Why do you have pimples?”, “Why so many scars on your face?” – @reeba.4

Expecting others to be happy when you are sad… anything can be happening in one’s life – @rabiaadnan3950

Being forced to do something and not being understood or empathized by family – @laibaanaveed

Fighting parents, fighting siblings – @sabanoorkhan

Gaslighting – @luxedotoh

My parents and relatives asking me to become a doctor while I was interested in arts interior designing – @najeeb.samra

Somebody completely lying to you, and keep telling you how much they love you – @aechaem

“You’re getting married in a month. Weight nahi lose karna??” – @i.mehreen

Bring up your past to do things in the present – @sabzziee

3 friends together but only 2 intermingling – @sarah_minhas

Torture, restrictions and taking advantage of other people’s weakness by blackmailing – @fizzazahid

Never been told what did I do wrong and made to grovel for forgiveness all the time – @kashm_qazi

Body shaming – @zarrineafridi

Getting married or I am no longer my mother’s daughter – @arwah2khan

If you cry in front of someone, and they laugh back at you – @mariyamkhan14_

Making a person feel inferior through verbal abuse – @emanmonga

Blaming u for their own mistakes & implying that u r the reason behind every mistake – @aimen_aemo

Continuously threatening to end the relationship over trivial matters – @aqsa.s.parveen

Not respecting or listening to your feeling – @saimaimam

Restrictions.. And not allowing you to do things which u want to do – @nayabmunir

Comparing your children to one another and making them realise that they are not good enough – @sajeeeen

Using your designation to exploit your employees – @ikra.munir

Expecting too much and giving nothing in return – @maitreyeechowdhary2

Hurting ones ego – @asmara_ali11

When its their mistake but they somehow theyll end up blaming it on you – @mahamwarraich

Emotional abuse by your parents is the most dangerous one. But no one talks about this sigh – @alifaakbar27

Criticism on complexion – @bitto777

Love bombing to erase the bad behaviour – @maryam.malik.18

Defending themselves by saying that they missed you hence the behaviour – @anisa_rasheed

Telling me that my depression is just a phase – @seesaww._.priv

Ignorance and galiyaan – @behnjee)

When someone who you love the most tells you that you’re emotional and filmy – @faqiha_batool

Not appreciating the good in others but always complaining about the things we lack – @aiman_a_khan

Numbing the person with certain phrases that the person doesn’t want to listen – @safiamohiuddin

The lesson here? The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are being emotionally abused, be aware and walk away. No one needs that kind of negativity. And if you find yourself being the abuser, just stop. Your actions and words can hurt people more than you think.

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