Word Of Mash: What Can You Add To Your Diet For Healthy Skin?

What do we not do for our skin honestly? From spending a crazy amount of cash on facials and skin consultations, to lathering our skin with our 6-step skincare routines – we ladies (and men!), put in a lot of effort to achieve flawless and healthy looking skin. But did you know that what matters the most is what you eat and put inside your body? If you’re looking to find out what to add to your diet to achieve that glow, look no further. Scroll down to read everything our followers recommend!


‘Oranges’ – @amalbaig

‘Citrus fruits’ – @aliha.afaf

‘Pomegranate’ – @sabhikaallahmalik

‘Oranges!’ @_mahnur

‘Avocado’ – @imamasohail.19

‘Fruits with high amount of water on them’ – @futtoh_phuppo

‘Citrus fruits and strawberries! Vitamin C does wonders when these are added to the diet’ – @mehroji_naqvi


‘Carrot juice’ – @fahmzehra

‘Beetroot – it gives natural pinkish pigment to lips and cheeks’ – @ridaakhalidd

‘Cucumber and raw beetroot’ – @shkhnidzi

‘Celery juice’ – @nyla.zia

‘Cucumbers’ – @minalrasool


‘Lots of water + vitamin c works for me’ – @madiha.ha.ha.ha

‘Fish’ – @rabiakhan194

‘Lemon. Honey. Milk. Fruits’ – @herpandaness

‘Flaxseeds’ – @asma.ayub.756

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