Word Of Mash: What Are The Best Winter Moisturisers?

Winter in Karachi is a magical time and one that we desperately wait forever for. 

Yet somehow, it always seems to catch our skin off guard. That mythological thandi hava sweeps through the country overnight, and we wake up to our worst nightmare: dry skin, with no immediate relief in sight. Our skin, which is otherwise pampered by the humidity of the summer and autumn months is stripped of moisture and all the essential oils that are meant to keep it supple and baby soft. 

We’ve heard all the advice. Some say you should smother your face in coconut oil, others say vaseline. Plain-old chemical-free baby lotion is thrown into the mix for good measure. Inevitably, all this trial and error makes our already parched skin red and irritated. Worst of all, we start breaking out! Which is the last thing anyone needs this winter with shaadi season abound. 

It’s time to sort through all the chatter and finally set the record straight: what are the best winter moisturisers? Do you have a mixture of oils that you apply? Is there a brand that you swear by? Which brands work for your skin type? Like always, we need your help to get to the bottom of this. Sound off in the comments below!

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