Word Of Mash: Wedding Trends We Should Be Saying Goodbye To

The wedding season is in full swing and you’ve probably attended quite a few by now – enough for you to be sick of some wedding trends that desperately need to go. We were curious to find out what you thought they were and took to instagram to ask you! Here are some of your responses: 

Never Ending Celebrations

‘Week long events’ – @zohaarif 

‘Multiple day weddings! Expecting designer joras and bridal makeup looks.’ – @haniya_h

‘Never ending events! Weddings should be short and sweet!’ – @mz.naqvi 

‘Too many extra wedding events’ – @suhahmed_

‘Dragging out wedding functions’ – @tahiraali85 

‘100 different events. Keep it simple – 1 event only.’ – @sye_da_hadi 

The Traditional Colours

‘Wearing just reds and golds on baraat’ – @nooriipatoorii 

‘Red joras’ – @zainabmunir03 

‘Yellow and green mayoun ka jora’ – @asmatab83 

‘Red he pehna hai bride nay first day needs to say bye’ – @alvinayy_

‘All red lehenga’ – @masalachae 


‘Dowry for sure’ – @nabeerahayat’

‘JAHEZ’ – @hafsakhurram090

‘Dowry should be ended’ – @hadiatanveer02

‘Anything related with dowry. It needs to be scrapped.’ – @sadsz_ 

‘Say bye to dowry’ – @slytherin_28 

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