Word Of Mash: Tried & Tested Ways To Get Rid Of B.O.

With this never-ending heat, body odour (or B.O.) has become a serious problem. Noticing B.O. – whether it’s coming from you or someone else – is a pretty embarrassing experience that no one wants to be in. And this heat shows no signs of stopping! So to tackle this issue, we enlisted your help to figure out some tried and tested ways to get rid of B.O. Here are some of your top tips.


An overwhelming amount of you recommended the use of phitkari and we agree! Phitkari is a potassium alum, referred to as crystal alum, and is a form of alternative deodorant primarily used in the underarm area. It is made of mineral salts and has microbial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

‘Use phitkari on the private parts.’ @anooshay_ar

‘Alum and only alum. It actually works’ @i_am_haji_saab’

‘Use of phitkari (alum), body moisturizer & mist’ @aroojsyed

‘Alum (phitkari) and using Oud/Attar’ @sbahmed313

Shower Daily

You should already be doing this. But if you don’t, follow this advice that our Mashion followers sent in. You’ll be left feeling fresh all day!

‘Take a shower.’ @iamnazisshh

‘Wash your armpits with a strong fragrance shower gel!’ @marium.asif20

‘Doctor here – clean yourself daily. Otherwise bacteria will dwell in unhygienic places.’ @uxama78

‘Take bath every day and apply phitkari and exfoliate.’ @minahilbajwa_9

‘Get showers atleast 5 days a week and apply fragrant essential body oil, few drops.’ @nazishaliii

Use A Deodorant

Deodorants contain antibacterial agents and prevent body odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. This should be a staple in everyone’s routine!

‘Take a regular bath, use deodorants and body moist fragrances.’ @zahraqaisar99

‘Use long lasting deodorants’ @sparklingsaltysack786

‘Also use antiperspirants and then use perfumes’ @uxama78

‘Use deodorants on skin, not clothes’ @seherhafeez

‘Applying moisturiser before deodorant is the best’ @afshanali470

Home Remedies

A lot of you had interesting suggestions that we hadn’t heard of before, but are sure they are worth trying and effective. Plus, most of these things can be easily found at home!

‘Baking soda!’ @salma.raza

‘A few drops of apple cider vinegar mixed with water and just pour it over your body.’ @zaraa.sk

‘Mixture of lemon & soda and scrub it on underarm areas or in odour areas before bath.’ @sparklingsalltysack786

‘Coconut oil and exfoliation.’ @phatimazahra

‘Peppermint oil mixed in a bath tub.’ @alinazaynb

‘Spray rosewater in your underarms and on smelly places regularly, specially after shower.’ @muqadas_saleem

‘Use of lemon can reduce body odour’ @tehseensiddiquei

Disclaimer: Some skin types are sensitive to certain ingredients. Please make sure to test a small patch on the inside of your arm before using anything. 

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