Word Of Mash: How To Network Virtually During COVID-19

Networking used to involve social gatherings whether that be at conferences or in someone’s living roon, but COVID-19 has changed that for everyone. While initially online networking wasn’t the only option, social distancing has meant that people have to rely even more than usual on the digital world. If you aren’t familiar with navigating the online world, we asked our followers for some tips. Keep reading to see what they have to say!

Different Platforms

‘Zoom’ – @lailaafarhat_

‘Sign up for Clubhouse! It’s such a great tool to network and connect on a global level.’ – @anamsadick

‘Zoom calls’ – @3004sauce

‘The first tip is to optimise your linkedin profile and reaching out to hiring managers via inmail/msgs.’ – @robzie_b

‘Linkedin’ – @sabinahussain_110

General Tips

‘Cultivate and build on your current connections’ – @zahabhagat

‘Find discussion boards or groups in your field of interest; a quick google search will help with this’ – @manahilarana

‘Connect with like-minded people and set up a virtual coffee meeting’ – @alezavini

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