Word Of Mash: How To Make Your Blowdry Last Longer

Getting a blow-dry done always feels so good but unfortunately in this heat, they never seem to last long. If you’re looking for tips to make your blow-dry survive in the summer, look no further! Our followers pooled in their suggestions:


‘Dry shampoo’ – @farwa.faraz

‘Hair spray’ – @its_minahilll

‘Dry shampoo pre blow dry!- @meyryeim

‘Use rice water on hair. It does wonders, but just don’t use it in big amounts’

‘Heat protectant before blow-dry’ – @hafsahkhan80

Avoid Going Outdoors Too Much

‘Don’t go out’ – @mahar2891

‘Try to stay in the AC’ – @fatimaahansari

‘Sit in AC all day’ – @isnkayani

Use Rollers

‘Use rollers after blow dry and let the rollers stay in for a good amount of time.’ – @i_mariadar02

‘Put brushes in your hair after the blowdry and let them stay for at least 5 minutes’ – @manahilarana

Condition Your Hair

‘Make syre to deep condition to make sure your hair is able to retain moisture naturally!’ – @aishrain

‘Using hair mask of aloe vera’ – @sonality

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