Word Of Mash: How To Control Frizz

The scorching heat and humid climate is not anyone’s best friend, especially not our hair. We are consistently looking for tips on how to reduce frizz, so we thought who better to ask than all of you? Scroll down to read what our lovely followers recommend you do to tame that frizz:


‘Use coconut oil’ – @sumaiyaa_.s

‘Castor Oil’ – @najaf7061

‘Extra virgin coconut oil on roots to tips’ – @huzaifachalkoo

‘Add a little coconut oil to your shampoo. Always works for me’ – @yusraakbari

‘Apply coconut oil to the hair overnight, and shampoo your hair the next day’ – @ayesha_15_i

‘Use Loreal oil in cream post hair was. Helps tame the frizz and smells so good!’ – @aimenopqrst

How To Wash Your Hair

‘Rinse hair with rice water after shampooing, and then just rinse after 20 to 25 mins.’ – @zohaahmed17

‘Use more conditioner than shampoo!’ – @nimramirzaa

‘Avoid applying too many hair products. Use dry shampoo in between hair washes and tie your hair up’

‘Deeply massage your shampoo and work it into your scalp and use a conditioner in lengths’ – @mariam_mj01

‘Use conditioner on damp hair and do not rinse it’ – @rijja_h

‘Condition your hair and use less shampoo. Works well’ – @nivitasriram

Other DIY Remedies

‘A mixture of mayonnaise, coconut oil, honey and egg’ – @aglimpseofmorning star

‘Egg, yogurt, honey’ – @aslishahzadi

‘Aloevera gel’ – @mekary8

‘Use mashed banana along with curd’ – @sumaiyaa_s

‘Apple cider vinegar + aloe vera + onion water + castor oil or any other oil!’ – @breadsandbraids

‘Yogurt’ – @maryamkhalid2125

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