Word Of Mash: How To Combat Hair Loss?

Last week, we spoke about chapped lips and got some truly amazing answers from you!

This time around, we’re going to be tackling a slightly more serious issue: hair loss. Chunks of hair falling everywhere, sometimes up to a handful in the shower – this is literally every woman’s worst nightmare.

We know every woman in the subcontinent has a powerful concoction she abides by, whether it’s castor oil (its high density makes it hard to remove from your hair in one wash) or an onion rinse (its strong stench may be too much for one to handle). But often times, these solutions, as powerful as they may be, are simply inconvenient to do.

So what we’re really looking for is an effective and convenient solution to this problem. Do you have a totka you abide by? A favourite shampoo or a multi-vitamin you are loyal to? Or even a DIY that is truly worth the effort? A little side note … one Mashion staffer suffered major hair fall earlier this week, so be sure that we will be trying out every solid remedy you tell us about.

See you downstairs (in the comments section that is)!

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