Word Of Mash: How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Do you know that you should be cleaning your brushes at least once a week minimum? Your brushes build up bacteria and the more you delay washing them, the greater chance you have of breaking out. Lucky for you, our lovely followers sent in all their best tips on how to get your makeup brushes squeaky clean. Scroll down to read them!

With Shampoo

‘Baby shampoo and lukewarm water’ – @aimenopqrst

“A little shampoo and any brush cleaning mat! No need for expensive products’ – @wardanaeem94

‘Put baby shampoo in a bowl with water and swish brushes on a cleaning pad was using oil’ – @alltheflowershavefaded

‘Let then sit in a warm mug of water with baby shampoo for 15 mins. Then gently squeeze and wash. – @mariawaheed90

‘Baby shampoo, baby oil and a bit of liquid hand wash’ – @saniaaa97

With Dishwashing Liquid

‘Rinse them with dishwashing liquid and water’ – @hamnahshabbirYou can easily wash them with warm water and dish soap in it’ – @kausarmustafa730

‘Add some dishwash in warm water and let your brushes sit for about 20 mins and rinse under cold water’ – @ayesha.star__87

‘Pour dishwashing soap on the inner side of your fingers and rub the brushes sideways and rinse’ – @bisma_naeem

With Soap

‘Pour some liquid handsoap in water, mix and start cleaning your brushes’ – @maryam_salmaan

‘Wash them with antibacterial soap and add vinegar for that extra clean feel’ – @noorasher

‘Take a bar of soap, put it under lightly running water and swirl the brushes round the bar’ – @mahakabir_

‘Using an unscented bar of soap and scrubbing on it directly. So easy!’ – @stripesandchiffons

Other Methods:

‘Dip in micellar water’ – @saman.amanat.33

‘Keep them in makeup removing liquid for some time and then wash’ – @bushra0912

‘I used a tea stainer. Used a liquid soap for the brush and rubbed it on a tea stainer. Results were too good’ – @amnah_creates

‘Use warm water and baking soda to clean brushes’ – @zumar6336

‘Hot water, dish soap and white vinegar. Works like magic!’ – @nawalsiddique

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