Word Of Mash: How Can You Kill A Pimple Before It Fully Forms?

Ever known a pimple is about to appear? If like us, you’ve wanted to get rid of a pimple before it has surfaced – keep reading. Our followers have pooled in their suggestions! 

Aloe Vera

‘Put some aloe gel and then pop it and cover it’ – @lostinmythoughts_712

‘Aloe vera has always been best. Just cut it and put its yellow part on your face’ – @sarahatif905

‘By putting an aloe vera piece on it’ – @amin_harjai


‘Aloe vera and turmeric’ – @sonalitry

‘Ice with rice water cubes or apply the Hira Ali turmeric mask’ – @mahamtoqir22

‘Haldi + Aloevera gel’ – @wholesomeseaster

Tea Tree Oil

‘Tea tree oil really works. Helps reduce redness and dries up the pimple’ – @rubbanshakeel

‘Tea tree oil is effective’ – @brownboii_x


‘Mix lemon juice and rose water. Apply and leave for 10 minutes and wash’ – @hayath092

‘By applying besan paste or baking soda paste’ – @marrysambreena

‘Icing the pimple site’ – @abdullah_ahmad55597

‘Benzoyl Peroxide is the key ingredient’ – @zaynahzaman_

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