Why You Should Embrace Your Cellulite

We all have things we’d rather not bring attention to. It could be a facial feature, a mole we don’t like or it could be something like cellulite. But here’s the thing – all those things are a part of us and help constitute who we are. Cellulite especially is more normal than one would think. In fact, almost all women have it! There’s nothing wrong, bad or harmful about it, and it’s time we embraced this part of us instead of seeking to hide it. Dermatologist Maleeha Jawaid gave us her two cents on the matter and reaffirmed that women should be more gentle in their attitude towards cellulite. Keep reading to find out more:

What Is Cellulite?

As Maleeha says, cellulite “looks like bumps under the skin giving it a wavy or dimpled look.” However cellulite itself is caused by fibrous tethers that run through fat and pull on the fascia that lies underneath the skin, creating a dimpled appearance. This means it isn’t the growth of fat that causes it, but the make-up and arrangement of the fat cells themselves. “It’s multifactorial in origin. It mostly results from the abnormal dynamics of the deeper fat tissue and the superficial skin layer that we see,” says Maleeha. Cellulite can at times become more pronounced if one gains weight, but it doesn’t exist because of that. It can be found in every body type and the appearance of it greatly depends on factors outside one’s control such as genetics and hormones.

Is There Any Way To Get Rid Of It?

No. “Multiple treatments have been tried for this from topical medication, to injectables, and even to energy based devices – none have proven to be effective,” Maleeha says. The truth is there isn’t any long-term or permanent fix for this. And why is it something that some us think needs to be fixed or cured anyway? Cellulite is not a harmful skin condition and as Maleeha says, it does nothing bad for us! “Besides being a mere aesthetic nuisance it won’t do anything else! It can’t kill you, it can’t impair your daily activities, nor will it make you any less perfect than what you are!” Adopting healthy habits like exercising or eating healthy might help reduce the appearance of it, but they also might not. Those are habits that are encouraged for your general health and well-being as well; if they allow you to be happier with your cellulite, that’s great. But if not, at least you’re being healthier!

How To Be More Positive About Your Cellulite

In order for us to start acting like cellulite is okay, we need to normalise it for ourselves. Here are a few things that might help you do that:

1). Unfollow Social Media Accounts That Promote A Certain Body Type 

Okay, we all love following all the models on instagram and admiring their physique, and that’s okay. However, it’s important to realise when that admiration becomes unhealthy and causes us to hate parts of ourselves. If there is a social media account that makes you feel bad about yourself or promotes a certain body type, please unfollow it. There is no need to bring that energy into your life; it will only harm you. And remember, not everything you see on instagram is the way it seems. A lot of people edit or blur out things that they are uncomfortable with, but the only way to normalise cellulite is to see it. Explore hashtags like #cellulitesaturday, where women are accepting their cellulite in all its glory.

2). Think About Why This Matters To You 

Evaluate why you might be attaching so much importance to this. Your self worth is not tied to your appearance and there is a lot more to love about you – we promise! Our body size, weight, skin or cellulite does not define us. When it comes to cellulite, give yourself reminders that this is very normal and very okay. As Maleeha says, “it should never stop you from wearing that swim suit you got for your summer beach holiday or that dress you wanted to wear to your graduation.”

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