Why Self Love Is The Most Important Kind Of Love You Can Find

‘Love’ is an extremely powerful word. So is the emotion that we attach to the definition. It has the ability to consume a person completely: their logic and their practicality. Love has the ability to embolden you, to empower you. To make you go to any extreme length or measure, whether it’s for something you are passionate about to a fault, or towards someone whose presence means something in your life.

While a person can selflessly give everything they have to a cause or a person that means something to them, something critical and deep and unchangeable, why do people not treat themselves the same way? After all – are we not just as critical to ourselves? Should the love we afford ourselves every day not be just as deep, as unchangeable?

Why is ‘self love’ a concept and not a norm? Why can we not treat ourselves as a precious commodity? Why are we hopelessly following ‘trends’ with fickle roots to begin with, in the hope that they’ll bring us validation?

The answer lies in our lack of self confidence. We are constantly seeking validation from other people, not believing in the charm and gravity of our actions, and not focusing on what makes us stand out. Instead we hide what we should flaunt. We should be proud of ourselves, of our individuality – because in a world of billions, there’s only one you. Given the chances and opportunities, set backs and difficulties, friends, and skills you have been. The way you use them is what sets you apart the most.

You might be quick to ask what society has made natural for us to question: why. What is so special about me? What should I love about myself? Why should I love myself?

Well, why should you notlove yourself?

The emotion of love stems outwardly from within your core, from the fundamental part of you that longs to nurture, care for, and provide for others. The same way we slice up a budget to different things, think about keeping some love for yourself, saved in a vault for yourself. This is the energy that you expend on yourself every day, instead of on someone else.

When you pay attention to your own needs and your own happiness, everyone within your sphere learns to value you too. It almost acts as a signal. When you love yourself, the very emotion generates so much positivity in your aura, that you magnetically attract the best of the best to come your way. When you believe in yourself, and work towards your goals with zeal, you will always find success at the end of the tunnel. If not success, the grace to have learned a lesson, and to start again the next day after. Be in awe of yourself, so that others can be in awe of you! Don’t be afraid of other people’s envy and judgement, because it’ll always exist. Once you build your fort of positivity, confidence, and self love, and live in it fully every day, minor disruptions will barely find a way to creep in.

Self love isn’t an instruction to become narcissistic. Far from it. It is a combination of a lot of things. Self love means you work towards taking care of your health / natural beauty. It also means you don’t doubt your own potential for a fraction of a second. Don’t just aim for the stars – aim for the moon! You must keep your head high with belief in the world around you, and especially yourself, even in trying times. Victoriously inspire others at the end of the day. Love yourself, and make others love themselves too!

How Should One Practice Self Love? It’s Pretty Simple. Start Step-By-Step

1. Take note of compliments! Notice which compliments you tend to receive the most – about a certain attribute or feature. The reason people pick up on it the most is probably because it is one of your best attributes. Own it!

2. Recognise your strengths and value that quality or skill, because it comes to you naturally. What comes to you naturally is always a strength!

3. Affirmatively remind yourself every day that what you have sets you apart, and work on loving what you have to offer.

4. Practice healthy self care. You will love yourself more when you take better care of your basic needs. People high in self love nourish themselves daily through good nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, and healthy social interactions.

5. When you live with purpose, you live happily. Your purpose doesn’t have to be crystal clear to you. If your intention is to live a meaningful and healthy life, you will make decisions that support that intention, and feel good about yourself when you succeed in them. You will love yourself more if you see yourself accomplishing whatever it is that you set out to do!

We as human beings have limitless potential. They say the brain has enough atomic energy to build any of the world’s major cities many times over. As Norman Cousins put it, “Not even the Universe with all its countless billions of galaxies represents greater wonder or complexity than the human brain.” Love yourself, because self love is important to your well being. It influences who you pick as your partner, the image you project at work, and how effectively you cope with the problems in your life.

Take a moment and think. What do you love about yourself?

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