Why Are Fragrance Free Shampoos Better?

Let’s be honest, nothing sells you on shampoo more than the way it smells. It could promise to cure your biggest hair horrors, but if it smells bad, it’s probably not going to be very high on your list of must haves. It’s the fruity, tropical, holiday smelling ones that make the cut!  Ever wondered where the aroma comes from though? It’s all in the chemicals. As they say, all good things come at a cost, and so does your favourite shampoo. In fact, the root cause of most of your hair problems — hair fall, scalp irritation, colour fading, could all be traced back to the shampoo you’re using. It’s time to swap your normal shampoo for a fragrance free one. It’s the secret to fresher, bouncier, shinier hair! 

What Is A Fragrance Free Shampoo?

As the name suggests, fragrance free shampoos are free from artificial perfumes, dyes and chemicals. They are made with natural and organic ingredients. But don’t mistake an ‘unscented’ shampoo for a ‘fragrance free’ one, because there’s a distinct difference between the two products. Unscented means the product doesn’t contain any ingredients intended to make it smell differently. They may still include functional fragrances to mask any other chemical smells. Fragrance free on the other hand, means that any form of artificial or natural scents, including essential oils, are excluded from the product. 


1. Hair Protection

The biggest advantage of opting for fragrance free shampoos is prevention. You’re removing irritating ingredients from coming in contact with your scalp, that could then cause other issues. Our scalps are a part of our skin, and just like the skin on our face, is sensitive to certain fragrances. The lack of harmful chemicals in fragrance free shampoos might keep your scalp from reacting to irritants and limit dandruff, which in itself contributes to limiting hair fall. This kind of shampoo is also ideal for colour treated hair, since it keeps the colour from fading too fast. To sum up, fragrance free shampoos are beneficial for the overall health of your hair.

2. Health Concerns

Along with other scented cosmetics, prolonged exposure to such shampoos can also put your health at risk. From mild allergies to more serious diseases, the chemicals behind pleasant fragrances can potentially lead to several health problems. Some conditions that have been linked to artificial chemicals in fragrances are infertility, cancer, hormonal imbalances and neurotoxicity. Besides these, they also worsen respiratory conditions like asthma and sinus problems. A fragrance free shampoo contains all organic ingredients, and so keeps all these dangers at bay.

3. Environmental Factors

Fragrances in general have harmful effects on the environment. The chemicals in shampoos may seep into waterways from our showers and be ingested by fish or other aquatic animals. As a result, sea life worsens and ultimately leads to pollution of the ecosystem. By switching to a fragrance free shampoo, you can even contribute to keeping the earth more eco-friendly!

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