Whole Wheat Slices Is Inspiring People To Grow With Self Care

The key to achieving a wholesome and balanced life is by prioritising yourself and investing in some self-care. We all tend to get so busy with work and responsibilities that we don’t always take the time to pause. But that pause is necessary if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and not burn out. It could be fitness, clean eating or even doing something you love for an hour a day – it’s different for everyone. The important thing is to find what works for you!

Making time for yourself becomes easier when you have support around you. And brands like Peek Freans’ Whole Wheat Slices have been on the forefront of campaigns that encourage self-care! They ran a successful 21-day challenge, which many prominent influencers even took part in, to promote healthy eating. Now they’re back again in collaboration with Sehr Beg, co-owner of Body Skulpt.

At Whole Wheat Slices, we believe that self-care is the key to wholesome living! We have joined forces with Sehr Beg, a fitness trainer and advocate of self-care! Follow her journey to the 42K Istanbul marathon and learn various tips and tricks along the way to unlock self-care in your life! #SelfCareWithWWS #21DayChallenge

Posted by Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices on Friday, October 25, 2019

Sehr is a fitness instructor, business owner, wife and a mother. And that means she has a lot of responsibilities but not always a lot of time for herself. Yet she sets goals for herself as part of her self-care routine. Whole Wheat Slices collaborated with her and followed her journey on one of these goals – the 42K Istanbul Marathon. That was something she had always wanted to do for herself, and as part of their commitment to support the care of mental, physical and emotional well-being, Whole Wheat Slices pushed forward the initiative.

Whole Wheat Slices presents self-care with Sehr Beg.

Sehr believes in taking time out to treat herself and for some self-care! As a fitness trainer, wife and a mum it can be difficult to give time to yourself. Sehr sets herself goals in order to stay focused..and rightnow she's preparing for the 42K Istanbul Marathon! Stay tuned for more updates about my marathon and tips on how you can achieve self-care in your life!#WholeWheatSlices #21DayChallenge #SelfCareWithWWS

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One can see the extent of work Sehr has put in to achieve this goal for herself. She describes the marathon as running from “Defence in Karachi to Karachi University and then back again.” That’s an ambitious desire but one that Sehr has been trained tirelessly for. Self-care requires dedication but you need to be willing to put the work in to become the best version of yourself

The marathon is getting closer, so while Sehr’s excited, she’s also nervous – But, she feels stronger and readier than ever before for what’s to come. Between the intense workouts, her hectic routine and having to part with her kid… It has been quite an emotional journey for Sehr.But by giving herself a little bit of me-time and by reflecting on how far she’s come, Sehr feels great! Remember guys, self-care is important for your physical and emotional well-being. It enables you to give your best to everything, and everyone, you love.#21DayChallenge #SelfCareWithWWS

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For every one kilometre that she will finish, Whole Wheat Slices will sponsor a person for a fitness workshop! It’s their way of encouraging everyone to make those necessary changes in life and supporting them in innovative ways. Their campaign makes you re-consider your lifestyle choices and will hopefully inspire many to do something for themselves. Like Sehr says, “Unless you don’t take time out for yourself, your wellness and your sanity, you can’t keep people around you happy.”

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