Want Your Relationship To Last Forever? Stop Doing These 5 Things

When you meet someone special, you want to hold on to them forever no matter what – but that is no easy feat. Sometimes, instead of doing more to maintain your relationship, you actually just need to stop doing certain things that are damaging your relationship! Scroll down to see what five things can take a toll on any relationship (and if you’re guilty of doing them then it is time to stop now).

Don’t Pressurise Them

If you’re pressurising your partner to lose weight, get a better job or even get married then keep in mind that they may not feel free to be themselves around you. Some of your concerns may be valid but if you find that you are constantly nagging, you need to stop. After all, love is all about accepting a person with all their flaws and if you’re not ready to accept this, then you’re not ready for a relationship.

Don’t Compare Them To Your Ex

Never do this. We repeat, never do this! Comparing them to your ex always reads as one of two things: either you’re still not over your ex or you’re trying to make your significant other jealous. Whatever the reason, this is possibly the worst thing you can do to your partner.

Don’t Play The Victim

Do you always make your better half apologise even when you know you have a role to play in a fight? Do you make a lot of demands for gifts and attention after the fight? If yes, we hate to break it to you, but you’re playing the victim! It’s fine to crave attention and get your partner to spoil you but a mature relationship demands more. It requires both parties to talk things out and understand your mistakes.

Don’t Bottle Up Your Feelings

Bottling up your feelings won’t just upset you but will be unfair to your partner as well. A healthy relationship is all about communication. If something they did hurt you, then tell them. Bottling up your feelings and getting angry on something minor later on is no way to deal with something that genuinely hurt you and frankly will be of no help!

Don’t Expect Them To Be A Mind Reader

Just like you, your better half is only human too! Unfortunately, they don’t have any superpowers to read your mind. Talking through your problems is the only way they can know what you’re feeling and also the only way you can better understand each other. The power of communication is real – use it, and you’ll find yourself to be much happier.

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