These 5 Bonanza Satrangi Women Prove You Can Have It All

March is all about women, but we think everyday should be about celebrating them. Women are often restricted to roles and thought to be able to perform well in either one, or the other. However this Women’s Day, brands like Bonanza Satrangi challenge that view. They believe that every woman has the ability to pursue her dreams, while still maintaining her other commitments in life, such as those with her family and friends. A Bonanza Satrangi woman is someone who is fearless and unapologetic in her profession, but is equally relentless and inspiring in her personal life. Keep reading to see the five woman that incorporate all the ideals required to be #IamSatrangi – and kudos to Bonanza Satrangi for giving these women their well-deserved spotlight!

1. Areeba Siddique

Areeba Siddique is an artist, sister, daughter, advocate for women’s rights and a Pakistani Muslim. All these facets of her personality make way into her profession as an artist. Her illustrations showcase her identity as a muslim woman, as well as an individual who loves Zayn Malik, reading, watching/creating youtube videos and as someone who frequently experiences writer’s block. But, she’s not just an artist. She’s a sister who supports her twin’s achievements as a writer, and she’s a daughter who respects her parents wishes regarding the limits they feel are integral for her to follow while creating art and videos. She is the perfect embodiment of the #IamSatrangi slogan as she maintains her personal relationships while following her passion of art.

2. Zenith Irfan

Zenith Irfan is Pakistan’s first female motorcyclist. Her journey started as an ode to her father who passed away; it was his dream to travel the world on a motorbike. In 2013, she went from Lahore to North Pakistan and in 2015, took further two trips on a motorbike, one to Gilgit Baltistan and one to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This completed 20,000 km on a motorbike by her, which is quite a feat. Despite her success as a biker, Zenith still gives importance to her family and her brother in fact is the one who bought her her motorbike, taught her how to drive it, and frequently accompanies her on her excursions. It is possible for women in Pakistan to pursue their goals, no matter how different they may be from the stereotypical. Zenith is proof of that and by ensuring that her family is part of the journey, she shows that you really can have it all.

3. Eman Khan

Eman Khan is a kickboxer working with Spartan Fitness. As someone in the fitness industry, she’s constantly in the gym, training and working hard to achieve her goals. But despite her success as a boxing instructor, she finds the time to do small things with her family and for herself, like taking walks with her mom on the beach or taking a trip to Northern Pakistan. Eman proves that women are not one role or the other. We are capable of achieving success in the many roles we play in life, whether they are personal or professional. Eman Khan is definitely #IamSatrangi.

4. Zarnak Sidhwa

Zarnak Sidhwa is a famous face on television, especially if you watch cooking shows. Starting from Chocoholics where she focused on making desserts, she went on to start another show called Food Diaries and has not only earned wide praise for her food dishes, but has mentored young women, acted as a judge in cooking shows and encouraged budding chefs to start their own food businesses from home. Alongside all her professional accomplishments however, she has a family as well. She is a daughter, wife and mother and all those roles are important and relevant to her. She also loves to travel and experience new food and balances all that with her job as a tv show host.

5. Maliha Rehman

Maliha Rehman is a fashion journalist and writer for Dawn, as well as the Business of Fashion. With almost 100K followers on instagram, she’s created quite the platform for herself. Writing for an international publication like Business of Fashion is also quite an accomplishment and evidently, this woman has an abundance of talent. But like anyone else, she too has family and friends to maintain relationships with and in true Bonanza Satrangi fashion, does it effortlessly!

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