The Perfect Pastel Shades For Every Skin Tone

Pastels and summers go hand in hand. Given the time of year, you can colour us in love with pastels again! As much as we love wearing all the soft hues of the rainbow, we’re still left wondering – do all pastels suit every skin tone? Like all things too good to be true, they don’t. The right pastels to wear this summer depend on your skin tone. Some shades look better on certain complexions than others. Before you invest in the wrong ones, scroll through our list below to see which ones will make you shine and which ones are just fated to fall a little flat.

1. For Light Skin Tones

The wrong pastel shade can blend into pale skin, and come off as meek and one tone. Baby blues, powder blues, and lavenders look particularly good on lighter skin tones. Pair your pastel outfit with strong make up to balance out the whole look. You can go for a baby blue kurti, and complement it with contrasting, dark purple lips. 

2. For Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones have a wide array of pastel colours to choose from. Buttery yellow, dove grey, mint greens or light pinks are just some of the shades that complement this gorgeous complexion. Balance these soft colours with basics such as blacks or whites. For example, you can rock a pastel pink outfit with soft make up and pair it with a dark plum hand bag or shoes. 

3. For Dark Skin Tones

It’s time to burst the myth about pastel hues not suiting dusky women. We’re not even sure where it originated in the first place. Pastel colours like lemon, lavender, aqua, and cream go extremely well with dark skin tones. It is better to go for lighter, softer hues in general, and avoid contrasting two pastels together. An all yellow or lavender dress, paired with nude make up can be your go to look for lunches and day weddings. 

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